why is sex important?

Sex is important, of course. But why?


It can be said that sex is a necessity.


Sex and the passion it brings are necessary, not dispensable, and occupy a very important position in love.


According to the theory of love put forward by American psychologist Steinberg, love is composed of three basic components: passion, intimacy and commitment.


Passion is the component of sexual desire in love, and it is also an emotional obsession;

Intimacy refers to the warm experience that can be caused in a love relationship;

Commitment is the decision, expectation, or guarantee to maintain a relationship.


These three elements constitute seven types of love, infatuation, empty love, romantic love, companion love, stupid love and perfect love.


The first is liking: only close, feel comfortable together, but feel lack of passion, not necessarily willing to stay together for life. No passion and commitment, such as friendship. Obviously, friendship is not love, like is not equal to love. However, friendship may develop into love, even though some people lose their friendship because they are not in love.

The second is infatuated love: only passion. I think the other party has a strong attraction. In addition, I don’t know much about the other party, and I don’t think about the future. Only passion, no intimacy and commitment, such as first love. The first love is always full of passion, but less mature and steady. It is a kind of love guided by instinct.


The third is empty love: only commitment. For the sake of pure love and passion, as for lack of intimacy. This kind of “love” looks plump, but lacks the necessary content.


The fourth is romantic love: intimacy and passion, no commitment. This “love” advocates the process and does not care about the result.


The fifth is companion love: intimacy and commitment, lack of passion. Similar to empty “love”, can love without passion be called love? Here it refers to a stable marriage, with rights and obligations but no feeling.


The sixth is stupid love: passion and commitment, no intimacy. No passion for intimacy is at best a physical impulse, and no commitment to intimacy is just a dead letter.


The seventh is the perfect love: it has three elements at the same time, including passion, commitment and intimacy.


So, if you want a perfect love, then you need sex, which is undeniable.

This perfectly explains why sex matters.


Sexy messages? Sure many people text them (sexy message)


“Sex is the most sacred and wonderful thing in both sexes. Sex without love is dirty and unbearable. So remember not to walk into the sex misunderstanding.


And have each others soul mate in sexual love, in addition to the impulse required by pornography, more is the exchange of feelings and soul.


Both men and women in the process of enjoying sex, at the same time in a primitive way to tell each other I love you emotional expression.


It is the most primitive and most beautiful sacred complex in human activities to let go of all the worries and worries in his heart, treat each others sexual love as a kind of love, enjoy each others beautiful journey, and be willing to give everything to him, including his own soul and body. ” Without sex, love will face great challenges.


The most simple and direct is that when you encounter contradictions, if verbal communication still can’t shallow your irritable emotions, then there is no such intimate behavior as sex, maybe two people will go further and further. It’s not alarmist, it’s a soul exchange for each individual. Therefore, if you have love, you have to have sex. Only in this way can we have a harmonious business.


So sex is important. And sexy messages is also a choice for people.

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