What ruined your marriage?

As for a marriage, if it comes to divorce, both parties will not feel good.


In fact, many people can’t understand why their marriage will fail, they don’t know that two people will come to this stage. Actually the major reason is that the problems in a marriage has already appeared and can not be solved immediately.




Let’s take a look at what problems will affect and even ruin our marriage in the end. We should recognize the problems in time and eliminate the roots, so as to avoid regrets from both parties.


I have searched some answers on quora, and I’ve collected some points to write.

It has nothing to do with wife sharing or hot wife, you can check it properly.




Lack of communication




Marriage doesn’t necessarily mean both parties need to have the same opinion on everything. Sometimes it’s common to have disagreements and conflicts. However, couples can’t avoid discussing the existing problems because they are afraid of getting more and more noisy. If so, it means that you have completely given up on your partner. Silence will not solve the problem. Try to find a good timing, communicate calmly and find out the problem and then solve it.








One of the most common problems is that one of them is addicted to something. Like drinking, smoking, or surfing the Internet all day long, you don’t care about your partner. At this time, you need to communicate well and solve the problems. Otherwise, it will not be easy to solve the problem if we do not face the addicts(problems) directly.








Although hard working can get you promoted maybe, it’s not worthy if it affects your marriage. If you think it’s better to spend time with your computer than with your partner, it’s also a sign of divorce. Whatever the reason is, if you’re more lonely in a relationship, tell your partner as soon as possible to work it out.




Unequal effort




In an unhealthy marriage, the two parties often make efforts unfairly. Of course, there is no absolute fairness. Marriage needs two people to pay and establish together. This is not to say that if your husband bought a valuable gift, you need to return it with a valuable gift. It’s usually when one of the partners starts to be indifferent to their marriage and pays less and less. It’s time to sit down and have a talk.




Wont share the exhausting housework




Are you always washing the dishes alone in the kitchen, mopping the floor or cleaning the tub in the bathroom, while your partner is sitting in front of the TV and eating popcorn? It sounds trivial, but not helping your partner do housework can affect your partner’s feelings! The division of work and cooperation between the two people will make their feelings more harmonious.






If your partner betrays and cheating on you, there must be something wrong with your marriage. Although the temptation to cheat is ubiquitous, if you’re not happy in your marriage, you’ll actually cheat. Often, cheating is the last blow before marriage failure(divorce).




Finally, there is a real problem in marriage, that is, financial problems.




How can love be satisfied without any bread? Someone has said true love doesnt require any money. Is it true? Maybe, I am not sure, but God, true love is rare. Be mature and be realistic.

You don’t need to be a billionaire to have love, but if you have problems with your family expenses, it will definitely affect your marriage. Before the problem is serious, we may as well solve the problem of money.





Men, do not forget the responsibility, also take the responsibility of preparing to be a father!



In the long years journey(MAARIAGE), as long as there is a conflict between husband and wife, you should find out the root together and do not let the contradiction intensify. Work it out. Don’t be childish!


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