Will the quality of life decrease after marriage?

Many people say that after marriage, the quality of life will decline.

For example, if there are children in the house after marriage, the room will be messy, and it will return to chaos after a while.

In fact, this statement is too one-sided.


The most perfect product is in the advertisement, the most perfect person is in the eulogy, the most perfect love is in the novel, and the most perfect marriage is in the dream.” It can be seen that the most perfect people and things in the world are only Can exist in people’s imagination, especially in marriage.


Before getting married, many people have all kinds of beautiful illusions and expectations about marriage. They always think that life after marriage is like a prince and princess in a fairy tale, living happily in a castle forever. However, the real situation is that the marriage relationship after the honeymoon period is not as comfortable as people think. The daily trivialities often make life all over the place and devastated. Some problems are not handled well and the conflicts will even escalate, and eventually end in divorce. .


No marriage can be without problems, the key is how to face it. Therefore, correctly handling and solving various problems that arise in marriage is a homework that both spouses must learn.


I once chatted with a male friend and asked him about his life after marriage.



He said: “I am very tired every day. If I don’t work hard to earn money, my baby’s milk powder money will not be saved, but my heart is not tired. The motivation for my hard work every day is to let my wife and son live a warm and stable life. , But also very powerful. My whole life has nothing to entangle or lose. Whenever I see my daughter-in-law and son, I feel safe in my heart.”


Therefore, life is balanced. Those who have worked hard for marriage will eventually enjoy the benefits of the family. Most people are not rich in their lives, but home is a haven and a home for their hearts.


If you enjoy the freedom of being single, you have to endure the drift of being single. If you want a sense of belonging at home, you have to bear the hard work of business.


The so-called lowering of the quality of life is just what you should have done for the family. Ordinary people, no one will support you. It is everyone who works hard to run the family from scratch.


Of course, all of this is based on finding the right person. Once an adult enters a marriage, he can no longer be willful, and his responsibilities are instantly heavier, regardless of whether it is male or female, so it is impossible for you to have a more relaxed life after marriage.


Marriage is indeed as tiring as starting a business, but from the perspective of life, family stability is a very important sense of happiness for many people. There is hope and longing for a home, so that people can face the pains of life. . In short, every piece of happiness in life is earned through hard work and energy. How can ordinary people simply get married and improve their quality of life instantly?


If two people’s earning power does not increase significantly after marriage, and the original family conditions are average, the quality of life after marriage will definitely decline. This is an inevitable event, but what marriage can bring us, happiness rise.


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