several must-know tips for long-distance relationship

Distance will magnify our emotions. I have also mentioned this sentence in previous articles. If you are jealous and find it difficult to trust people, these emotions will be amplified in long-distance relationships. At the same time, it also magnifies our shortcomings, such as clinging, nagging, and jealous. These can easily become the cause of a breakup in long-distance relationships. So you have to know clearly how to manage your relationship in the long-distance relationship you are in.


Here are some useful tips: (please always remember)


1. The time you give to each other (chat, voice, video), the love that makes the other person feel, is not your sacrifice or sacrifice, but what you should do in a long-distance relationship.


2. boy friend/girlfriend means a boy friend/girlfriend, not a male/female friend.


3. (The other party can feel loved and cared for, largely because you can make the other party feel that he/she is special) If you can’t reply in time, tell the other party in advance, or explain the reason after the end, it’s that simple. (It is very unreasonable to blame the other party for not being considerate of yourself instead of explaining.)


4. Sharing daily, will not disturb the other party, but will only allow the other party to understand you better from the content you share, and at the same time feel that you are thinking of you. In many cases, you complain about the small things in life to get your comfort. If you can’t read it back, or just ignore it, the other person will think that you won’t get a response even when you talk to you in your daily chat. Don’t talk about living together in the future.


5. Your emotions are always higher than the problem. Solving the problem is the most important thing. What is the problem, how to solve it, and communicate well.


6. Try to learn to empathize.

Whatever the other one talks to you or complains, try to consider things from his(or her) side’s perspective. What you can easily solve or face does not mean that he/she can.


7. Most of the problems in long-distance love come from not saying enough, and the other party’s brain is too much.


8. Most of the time I can feel that I am loved because of the other person’s preference.


9. Long-distance love together for a long time, it is bound to move towards the step of living together. When your relationship has tended to stabilize, you have to give an idea of ending the distance, and forgive, instead of complaining about why the other party is pushing yourself so tightly. If you can make the other person feel at ease, the other person will not feel that there is no future between you.


10. It is stupid to use the opposite sex to make the long-distance partner jealous. Once it is related to the opposite sex, make it as clear as possible and explain clearly. Although you are innocent and loyal, if you do not say or explain, the other party cannot be at ease and trust you.


11. Not being a foreigner means that you have to accept open relationship.


Cheating is cheating, you can’t accept that there is a third person in your relationship to stop the loss in time, it’s that simple. If the other party is caught by you and derailed and you regret it, do not forgive the other party softly. His/her regret is only because of not doing enough to keep secret, not because of loving you. If he really loves you, then he won’t untie his belt and take off his pants from the beginning. Nor will you turn on your phone, carry you behind your back, and chat secretly with others. Derailment is derailment, stop loss in time, it’s that simple. No matter how long you are together, it is never too late to break up immediately as long as the other party does something that hurts you.

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