Dozens of must know tips that make you become an attractive man. Chapter Three

In the first chapter, I mentioned that I will update the tips on male appearance modification, so in the next chapter, I will focus on describing ‘how men can create their own personal image to make themselves more attractive ‘, which attracted the attention of the ladies and help men successfully find a life partner.


Only if your image is good enough, you can even wait for the girl to ask you out.


Dear straight guys: Have you ever scratched your head at your own image in the mirror, feeling something is wrong but don’t know where to start?


Did you also pay attention to a bunch of bloggers, but bought a bunch of clothes, and ended up wearing inappropriate?  You still don’t know what clothes you should wear? Do you want to have a list and explain to you clearly from head to toe how you should reshape your image?


Congratulations, you have come to the right place today. As a typical straight man, I deeply know the inner activities of most boys: I’m lazy, I don’t want to know so many principles, and I don’t want to spend so much time choosing, can you tell me all the precautions at once and let me Read it all in one go? The answer is: yes.


Next, I will explain to you all the precautions about men image transformation directly, so that you can understand all the knowledge points in an article.


Moreover, the points mentioned below can be used regardless of age, body type, or occupation!


Welcome to the nanny-level image transformation guide. If you only plan to read one guide in your life, then this.




Dress well


When and where do I want to, and what impression do I make on others?


It is estimated that 90% of the people have not thought about this problem. I really recommend that you think about it and don’t mess around.



If you are a college students who hasn’t graduated, is it unnecessary for you to wear a suit everyday.


Promise me, don’t comb your hair like an adult in class , don’t put on a handsome suit in class if unnecessary 🙂



Although the charm of the image and temperament of a person is from the inside out, the most important or only part of the first impression left to people is the appearance, if there is no in-depth communication with the communicator. Let me talk about the external.


The appearance of a person is determined in the mother’s womb, and there are still relatively few who go to the hospital to go to the hospital.


Fortunately, no matter what the bottom plate is, there is room for optimization.


Some people say that there are no ugly women but lazy women, and this applies to men as well.

To hit the gym regularly, you will have a nice body.




Hair style, hair quality


Hair style can play an important role in modifying a person’s face, and different hairstyles can also reflect different attitudes.


Find a barber shop that is reliable and affordable.

Pick a experienced person, when you’re not busy, go and ask him or she to design a hairstyle that suits you. It is best to be able to modify the face and make you looks generous and decent.



Similarly, the barber shop can help you.


In addition, although the hair quality is very subtle, a refreshing and moist hair will become a subconscious bonus item, and a dry or greasy hair makes no one can bear to look at it. .





Try to keep it clean and fresh. Studies have shown that using an electric toothbrush is better for cleaning.


We generally need to cultivate and improve our awareness of dental health and beauty.




Whether for men or women, hands are a very important part, because your emotions, attitudes, expressions and many basic behaviors have to be done through hands. Boys try not to have long nails. Special needs are up to you.


In the end, hope you guys could find the right life partner.


Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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