Dozens of must know tips that make you become an attractive man. Chapter Two

10) Do not easily say something bad about others just because you don’t like them.


For example, when a boy said:

Why would you learn this thing? it doesn’t make any sense;

I bought this item before, and the quality is terrible;

this thing is very unpalatable, you actually like it? ;

The decoration of your room is so ugly and so on, would you still have a good impression of him?

As a man, I hope you ‘don’t judge someone else casually even if you don’t like it, praise it if you like it, and respect everyone’s outlooks, values, preferences, etc.


When you get along with such a guy who do not judge someone else, you always think he is a gentleman and makes you feel very warm.


11) As a boy, I hope you don’t always show off on social networks.


If you meet a guy, and after contacting him, you find that he actually knows a lot: he can play guitar, paint, photograph, and even cook delicious meals, then you will definitely appreciate him.


You can never guess how many skills he has hidden.




12) Gentleness.


Regarding gentleness, I will not describe too much. In general, it is to be gentlemen and patient.

For example, when riding in a car with a lady, he will take the initiative to open the door. When you just need the tissue, he just handed it to you.


13) He has principles.


Whether it is dealing with work or dealing with love, what he wants will be achieved through his hard word and strength.

If you can’t reach it, you have to find ways to improve yourself.


How can boys who are principled and capable are unpopular?


14) Respect the personal space of friends very much.


For example, if someone wants your contact information, he will first ask your opinion before making a decision.


15) Don’t just say ‘whatever’.


When you go out with a man, choose clothes or go to a restaurant to order a meal, if he can give his recommendation every time, and will not stubbornly stick to his ideas, will you think he is very good?


16) Do not take ‘friends’ help’ for granted.


When a friend helped him move, he would invite his friend to a decent meal. Or if a friend helped him with other things, he would take the initiative to give feedback.


Such boys are really charming.


17) Able to immerse in one thing for a long time.


Most people nowadays are very impetuous, it is difficult to focus on one thing for a long time.

If a person can be immersed in one thing for a long time, even if it is just a personal hobby, then his mental state will not be boring, and you will rarely feel the impetuous atmosphere around him.



18) Even at the bottom of life, a man should still have hope for the future.


I knew it is not that easy ,but if a man keeps feeling helpless, complaining, and avoiding the world when he encounters the great pain of life, then I think it will be difficult for him to find the right direction in his life.


19) To know how to leave a good temper to family members.


Many people now vent their negative emotions to their family members, but treat strangers very politely and respectfully.


Of course, I hope you can understand how to release your own negative emotions.


In fact, every boy has shining points and shortcomings. No one is perfect.


Finally, if you like these suggestions(tips) above, I hope you can help share them with more friends.





Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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