Dozens of must know tips that make you become an attractive man. Chapter One

Those who can do the following suggestions are all the most popular treasure boys~


Regarding aspects such as face, clothes, hairstyle, etc., I won’t go into more details in this article. The following tips will focus on more in-depth suggestions. These tips need to be cultivated slowly. Take it slowly, boys.


I will update and publish tips to increase personal charm in appearance later. Please pay attention to my column posts in time.

1) When socializing with people, especially when dating girls, men should not speak frivolously, let alone VULGAR. You’d better have the right humor to drive the atmosphere and make everyone laugh out load.

Such boys can easily make people feel intimacy with them.

2) As a boy, once you make a promise, you must be responsible to the end.

Girls generally like boys who do what they said. As long as they promise you, no matter how small a small favor, if boys do their best to help you be perfect, as a girl, will you have a good impression of him? ?

3) Mature, but occasionally show a youthful side.

When someone talks to you about life, if you can clearly tell them your life plan, self-discipline, and will not deny other people’s different attitudes to life, let alone evaluate other people’s lifestyles at will.

Of course, men do not need to be too rigorous, as that will lose a lot of fun in life.

4) Be good at discovering small details in life, which always gives people a sense of novelty.

For example, when playing games, thank each other with tacit teammates;
Inadvertently praise each other when meeting new friends;
After drinking a new taste of beverage, and you like this new product, share it with more friends.

These little details always make us happier.

5) Be unconditionally confident in any situation, but don’t be blindly confident. Blind confidence will leave a bad impression on people.

When meeting the boss, I hope you will not be nervous.
When meeting a lady you like, I hope your eyes don’t dodge around.

This kind of self-confidence has nothing to do with family background, but from your spiritual strength. When facing anyone and everything, self-esteem and respect for others are placed on the same level.

6) Don’t be afraid (do not be cowardly).

As a man, don’t resist new things, be full of curiosity, whether it’s what you like or fear, I hope you can try it.
Such boys, if girls go out with them, or date with them, they will often have many novel experiences.

7) As a man, you must have your own unique personality.

I recently discovered that there are many attractive men and women with unique personalities on Bothlive.

Having your own unique personality means that you will not think of shrinking or changing yourself just because of a ridicule or a skeptical look from others.

Having a unique personality may seem a bit different, but it’s just a clear idea of what you want:
For example, everyone is playing games, you go to the gym.
For example, when everyone sleeps at home on weekends, you can hike and visit art galleries.

8) It‘s best for men to be reliable and able to solve problems.

For instance, when a man can deal with problems rationally and do things well, he will always be liked by girls.

9) It’s best for men to consciously manage your body. 

You don’t have to be as strong as a cow and have big muscles, but girls basically like to look at the boys with a sunny disposition, healthy boys is more attractive always.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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  1. Good health and a great smile go a long way! Interesting post.

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