Role play game?

Truth or Dare is no longer interesting.

One time, my friends got together again.

We talked about how we should play some exciting games.

Alan suggested that maybe we could play the Anchor vs. Fans game.

The rules of the game went something like this.

One friend starts the broadcast himself, and the other friends pretend to be viewers. The friend pretending to be an anchor then puts on a show or flirts with the other anchors. the other friends go on the air with fake names so that the pretend anchor wins, or flirts with the PK anchors.

If any friend utters flirtatious language in the process that is not enough to get the attention of the anchors, and the anchor does not say his name or pronounce his output, then the person loses.

The loser has to strip naked and go for a run in the woods.

We were curious about the game, but didn’t know where we should play it.

A friend suggested that there is a platform where anyone can start their own live stream and PK with others, and that general use is free.

We agreed. It took us a minute to find the platform and register our accounts separately, and then we joined our friend’s live stream together.

I don’t think I should play this game, it’s a real test of human emotions.

… …

I lost. I’m too clumsy in the game and I don’t say enough to get attention.

There was an anchor Cosplay as a clown girl that was just too appealing. She had too many followers and what I said was quickly drowned out. My friend, who was pretending to be an anchor, also lost in a PK battle with this professional anchor. This process did not win over the professional across the street, despite the fact that our comrade kept supporting our anchor. I admit, the other side was really attractive. I never have seen.

… …

I actually went for a run in the woods.

And was photographed by a friend, like an ape.

Of course, I can’t show you the photos. If you really want to see them …… then leave your comments below…

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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