LOVE ADVICE relationship

Unexpectedly, your girlfriend did these without telling you! They are literally might happen to everyone!

Today you quarreled with your girlfriend and you thought of breaking up.

She came to date you again the next day as if nothing happened.

You want to know why.


Your girlfriend lacks independence in daily life, and has a stubborn personality and is easy to get angry.

In the past, she never apologized first when you guys had fights, the compromise only happened when you gave up or apologized first.


What happened this time? 

You asked her, but she didn’t tell you.


Until yesterday, she fell asleep. You see her phone screen lights up.

A message from a stranger appeared.

It was a message from an app called Bothlive, and the stranger at that end was telling his story.

He said his name is Allen. He originally had a happy family with two children and a stable job. This year because of the epidemic, the company went bankrupt and he was also unemployed. The economic pressure in life is terribly big, and his own negative energy is too much every single day, so his wife can’t bear this kind of family atmosphere and derails. He got so upset.


He is very shocked, why do strangers tell their own stories to their girlfriends?

He opened the dialog box between his girlfriend and other people.

At the same time he also knew the truth.


Your girlfriend will also tell others about her emotional problems, and the stranger on the other end of the phone will always give appropriate advice.

They interact sincerely.

Your girlfriend tells others what she is saying, how good her boyfriend is, and she loses her temper every time she can’t help it.

Strangers from other countries comforted her and said that you would never leave her no matter what.

of course. Your girlfriend will also answer other people’s emotional problems. Helping others is what she always loves to do.


You find that there are many beautiful exotic girls on this app.


There is a beauty from Ukraine that makes you unable to remove your eyes. You didn’t have time to download a Bothlive yourself and watch it directly on your girlfriend’s mobile phone.

It turns out that such a beautiful woman really exists! And you can see her for free. Because the users are accurate and the number is small, every text you post was seen by the female anchor, and she was actually answering your questions!

Oh my God. You are so excited.


You are very happy. You alarmed the sleeping girlfriend next to you.

She found out.


Will she be angry? Will you guys have fight?

What would you do?

Will you and your partner break up?

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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