My friend Trump lost in election and his wife Melania Trump ‘counting the minutes to divorce’. Is there anything worse than that?

My friend Trump is my bosom friend and often helps me when I have no money. Now that he lost the presidential election, he feels very upset.

His wife (Melania) is literally counting the minutes to divorce;

His career (American president), gone;

His money is overwhelmingly disappearing ( his business empire is about to collapse).


He called me yesterday to tell me about his depression. He loves his wife so much that he is sadder than he lost the election for the broken relationship between her and him. And he faces huge debts, and his business empire is in jeopardy.


I asked him, why do you think you lost to Biden?


There are two reasons, he said. One is China, the other is an epidemic situation. But I feel like it’s China that is playing tricks…My friend, I’m looking for a solution to my emotional trauma. Don’t mention a word about the election.


I said I have a very good way to make you get closer to China and get business inspiration and to ease the pain of the love you are about to lose your wife.


Trump was ecstatic and immediately asked, what is it?


I said you are supposed to download a Bothlive right now,  it is a multinational social software that originated from China. You can meet more beautiful women on bothlive, and you can also understand the business model of Chinese. I think it is a perfect fit for you.


He said, is this software that costs me a lot money? You know most Chinese are too canny.


I said, No.

Absolutely free!!!

You can chat with your friends or watch a live video. These functions are free. After you downloaded and down with the registration, you can learn about the business process of an excellent APP, which can help you create a business empire again. This app might will offer you inspiration as well.

At the same time, you can also find your soul mate on it. Why not? Maybe your next wife is a foreign beauty.


Trump laughs, China? I’ll do it. Now I’m going to download it.

No Chinese APP can win my commercial APP. As long as I make the same APP, the Chinese APP won’t win me… Foreign beauty, I think I can accept it. Finally can see the real foreign anchor, I want to appreciate and support them!… Ah, I’m going to invite these beauties to my beach party on my private jet!


I said, don’t worry, I’ve been using it for more than a year. It’s really interesting. What you said is not difficult to achieve. Remember to vote for yourself!


If you want to know if Trump has regained his vitality after accepting my advice, please ask me in a month.

Or, if you download Bothlive and register on it first, you may meet our frustrated former president on the APP! How can you comfort him then?

My friend, your life will not be worse than that of trump. So why don’t you work and live hard? Struggle, maybe in the next node of your life, you will achieve great success. Bothlive brings happiness and hope to people’s life. No matter you are male or female, you can better understand the true meaning of life when using Bothlive. Each of the above users is very sincere, they will listen to your story, tell you a lot of interesting things, and will give you great encouragement and support.


If you think this idea is good, please download the bothlive and register on it, the link is showed above, thanks!

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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