Why don’t I get matches on Tinder?

Why don’t I get matches on Tinder?

Because you are too late.

You heard me correctly. It’s too late.

You see, if you believe in the Hook Up culture, then you fell for one of the biggest like. The hookup culture is nothing more than a selling cow cash machine. By promoting this myth, they make tons of money.

Whose they?

Dating websites, dating apps and along these are outsides who making tons of money. Just look at an example with Valentines. I mean look at the amount of bs, drama, women doing just because a guy doesn’t say “Hey, happy valetines” to his girlfriend and celebrates it.

They fell for this shit, hook, line and sinker and it makes money.

That’s the first you need to first lock yourself in to see through the big game because it is a game to make money.

The second is, you’re so late, the buzz has come and gone.

When something like Tinder comes along, it works for a while for the average joe. The average girl as well but the difference is, no matter how many years go by, pussy will always attract men, even if she is average looking.

And only reason why she won’t and why any woman won’t on Tinder is because, they are stupid, thick as a plank and like always, want to change something that is used

When these things come in the market there is a surge, crowds and it’s all exciting but as time goes by, it slows down.


It’s not for the big joke.

If you’re not hot looking, if your photos are not like instagram hot dude, kiss the attention you can get goodbye. You can forget pimping words on profile because when the train went and gone, now you got pussy who don’t want to fuck. You got women who are not even supposed to be there.

They are there for attention. To boost their self esteem. They are there to come here and other websites to pimp their sorry ass, miserable, medicore, routine, boring shit life and say..

“Oh, see this screen shot? Guys just want to have sex with me. Blah, blah blah, and they such a creep. This is not on.”

It’s a damn pick up joint girl. That’s what Tinder is for. You go in, bang your face, photo to get picked up, and sex.

Never really was like “I want a relationship.”

Tinder is for hookup but there isn’t much hook up. You think there is but there are more women on there who got cats, more than friends, cats more than having a date, cats more than ever having sex, and probably buying a fuck machine, because it’s less hassle going on a date and debatng..

“So who pays the bills? Is it mans role? Is it womans?”

And again, more status pimping on here, on other websites, on forum, and specifically, yes, targeting questions to..

“I got 20 guys sending me messages, look at how they want to have sex with me. How dare they!”

In other words, “I am not like other girls, I am a good girl, (vomit), and..

You know the drill.

Alright fella.

If you’re not hot good looking, got a hot photo then you’re done, finished. The boom has come and gone, and now you got milliniums on there…

“Oh romeo, where are thou” and “You men, we feminist girls will not tolerate…yada yada yada..”

You have a better chance, banging money on table, and hiring a sweet hot sex worker for a fuck and don’t even bother about dating on Tinder, they are only looking for a story to tell their mates, so they can show they got social status..

“Yeah, this guy and that guy, and this guy, and 10 more I dated, and the way they looked at my tits, and asking for sex in first 10 mins. I mean, the arrogance of these men, arrogance!”

It’s like a tea party.

You know, when they were little girls, with their friends, and they sit there with their dolls, all trying to impress each other on the latest doll house, or clothes for their dolls they got, or some new bag, or new lip stick, or..

“Did you see that guy in school look at me. He was looking at my nipples you know.”
“OMG! That happened to me too. This guy checked my ass.”

I guarantee you, that if you ever attract a girl, I promise you, they won’t help themselves pimping away their status, thinking it’s cool by saying to you..

“Oh, I met my ex and erm, we accidently fucked.”

And that’s on your first date.


“I was parking car, and went I just came to resturant, this guy was checking my out, looking at my ass. I don’t like these guys who just want sex.”

And there we go, she’s already playing the mind games, wanting to dominate you to make you her bitch, because she is on 10 different depression tables, has zero sex drive due to it, and can’t even fuck a dildo, never mind having sex.

Tinder is now like a story farm.

You know like quora, where it makes money from content, where people share knowledge, information?

Well Tinder is like that but the girls, women go on there to get create a new story, because their life is so boring, christ, it’s like they got no life at all. Their highlight of the day is probably..

“Did you hear, Jenny’s boyfriend couldn’t get it up, and Oh…I am on Tinder and these guys, 50 of them! Send me perverted messages. These guys wanting sex. Look, no lie, check these screen shots I got from guys on Tinder. Not a day goes by and my inbox is FULL OF GUYS. Has that happened to you?”

“Yeah, it’s crazy! I had 500 guys.”

Now they’re competing on how many guys gave them attention.

Tinder is a story farm house for women. Their bored, they need a story, something and one day, you’ll send a message and you have now given some desperate wannabe “I’m a good woman, not like other women,” a story for her to tell her 10 cats on how some guy asked her out, the arrogance asking her out on first message. “He just wanted me for sex, for my body. I got a amazing ass and look at these tits, all men want these tits, don’t you think kitty, mmm, my gorgeous cute cat?”

Forget Tinder.

Forget any dating sites.

The train has come and gone, and it’s festered with tons of women just wanting attention and a new story.

If you ain’t looking hot, forget trying to do photos, looking 50% bad boy and 50% nice guy, because “it means you’re going to be approachable” bs.

Just go and build your status up, make some good money, get out there socialising, climb up a bit on hierachy ladder and watch them come, because if there is one thing that attracts bees is honey, and honey for pussy, is status.

Just be ready, if a woman starts talking about how she accidently fucked her ex, or tells you a sad story on how she attracts jerk, dump her ass back where she came from, because she is nothing but looking for a story to turn on her friends, and to collect some status from her loser friends, who got no status at all.

Leave Tinder, and other websites,

If every guy stopped using these sites and stop liking the damn photos of women, and not giving them any interest, they’ll start worrying..

“Do you think..”
“Don’t say it sarah, don’t.”
“But what if we have been replaced by..ROBOTS that looks hotter than us!”
“OMG! Sarah, you’re scaring me. How am I gonna get married if they go for robots that look like us, better than us, and even talk, and walk, and fuck better than us.”

The train has come and gone fella.

You should have listened to me way back when I said, “Build…your…social…status and let it do th3 talking for you.

Try Bothlive!!!

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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  1. alice says:

    I quite agree with you. Your analysis is very profound. By the way, what was the last Bothlive you mentioned?

    1. Hey Alice, Bothlive is an app created by a company I cooperationed with, Will you do me a favor and spare me some minutes of yours to download and register on it. If you can help me, just pls click the link I put in the article and register and then installing bothlive and log in. My invitation code is M7CWPH And you are always welcome to ask me questions about relationship for free. Thanks and have a nice day

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