What details should be paid attention to when dating a girl?

The first impression is very important for everyone, especially for male and female friends. 

If you can leave a good first impression on girls, then your development will definitely be rapid, first date. Doing these four points will instantly enhance your personal charm and help you get out of orders quickly.

1. Talk humorously and generously

A man who is humorous and generous in his conversation can always easily capture a woman’s favor and affection. Almost no one would refuse to chat or associate with a man who is generous and humorous. Getting along with such a man will make you feel happy and happy. Moreover, for a woman, a humorous man is very attractive. There is a kind of magic that makes women want to approach actively.

2. Take care of women’s emotions

A man who knows how to take care of women’s emotions can always easily capture women’s favor and affection. If a man knows how to take care of a woman’s emotions during dating, then he must be delicate and not selfish. Such a man’s quality is excellent, indicating that he has connotations and cultivation. When choosing a partner, a woman pays more attention to a person’s connotation and cultivation than her appearance. A good man can naturally attract a woman’s attention and make a woman want to be ambiguous with him actively.

3. Show off your talents or shining points
In the process of dating, if you want a woman to be interested in yourself, the most important thing is to make her curious about you, admire you, and thus have a good impression. So how to make a woman interested in herself quickly? This requires men in the process of dating, inadvertently reveal their talents, or strengths and shining points. No woman likes incompetent vulgar men, on the contrary they all like talented men. If you can inadvertently reveal your talents during a date, then women will take the initiative to get ambiguous with you. Be modest, otherwise there will be an element of showing off, which is counterproductive.

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