What to do if you are nervous talking with the girl you like? These 3 methods will make you completely change.

Many people find it strange that they usually talk to friends and talk about them casually, but when they switch to chatting with girls they like, they become very nervous. Why is this happening? In fact, the primary reason is just that you value the other person too much. If you don’t care about the other person, how can you be nervous? Because I care, I really care about what kind of impression I will leave in the hearts of girls. With this kind of thought, nervous emotions will naturally surging. In fact, it is very simple to alleviate such thoughts. Today I will give Lets share three methods to make you a complete change, and strive to impress girls in the easiest way.


1. Learn some communication skills to enrich yourself.


Confidence is the greatest charm of a boy, so if you want to chat with a girl you like, you have to be confident, and you must learn a little speaking skill properly, which is more conducive to alleviating your nervous emotions.

 After all, you have a bottom in your heart and know how to follow Girls will not be nervous when they talk about any topic. Smart boys will find out the cause of the problem in advance, and then prescribe the right medicine to resolve the problem easily. At the same time, they must continue to enrich themselves. There is a saying that live to old and learn “Old”, only by allowing one’s own knowledge base to constantly influx new things, and constantly give oneself a sense of confidence, can you be able to do well when chatting with girls.


2. Master the expressions and make the chat lively.


When a person is nervous, the brain will short-circuit, and the previously prepared topics will disappear. As the saying goes, people are not as good as the sky. Sometimes you are well prepared, but at critical moments, you will inevitably fall into it. The situation of the chain, this time you have to learn to adapt to changes, such as mastering the emoji package, when you are embarrassed or nervous and dont know what to talk to a girl, you can appropriately give her one or two funny and novel expressions. With such a tease, the chat atmosphere will definitely become more relaxed, and girls will slowly like to chat with you.



3. Control the time and frequency of chat

Chatting can be nervous. In fact, it may be caused by girls not responding to your messages. After all, when girls do not reply to your messages, many brothers will be nervous. I dont know what girls are thinking, but girls do not reply , Its not entirely because you dont want to chat with you. It may be that you choose the wrong time to chat, which will lead to this situation. If you want to resolve it easily, learn to master the time and frequency of chat, dont always pester girls Chat with you, learn to choose and stay away appropriately, it is easier for her to fall in love with the feeling of chatting with you.


Peoples nervousness is caused by the inability to react to external things, introverted personality, lack of communication, lack of insight, and imagining the other person too beautifully. This is a very common phenomenon in itself, and it is not necessary to resolve it. Difficult, as long as you use the above three small methods, you can get rid of the tension and make her like you more.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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