The ways to confess to a girl, do these three steps well so that she can’t refuse.

The purpose of our pursuit of girls is to confess to her and make her our girlfriend one day, but confession also requires skill, otherwise once rejected, it will feel embarrassing and may not even be done by friends in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to master some routines. The following are the three steps to confess to a girl. Once done, she cannot refuse.


1. Know in advance the types she likes, cabbage and radishes have their own loves, everyone has their own favorite type, and girls are the same, so if we want girls to like, we must make ourselves the type she likes, such as some Girls like gentle and considerate warm men, so we usually care about girls more and ask her warmly. If a girl likes the cheerful and sunny type, then we show our athletic ability in front of her and tell her more jokes.


 If a girl is natural Romance, you can talk to her more love words and give her some surprises. As long as you can do what you like, you can touch the hearts of girls. In the process of chasing a girl, the most difficult part is chatting. If you don’t know how to chat, you can’t be with a girl, and you can’t open a girl’s emotional lock. How can a girl like you?


There are other boys who are silly to the girls and keep chasing her and licking them, for fear that she is even dissatisfied with themselves and hates herself, but in the end the girl falls in love with the scumbag. In fact, there are skills in chatting, and love requires more methods. I have made a systematic video of chat skills, love and dating skills, and ways to attract girls. Single brothers, if you want to get out of the order, you can privately message me: chat video!


I will give you this complete set of videos. Without spending a penny, you can learn a lot of mind-attack routines and high emotional intelligence routines without spending a penny. , As long as you copy more, you can also make an appointment with a girl. Isn’t it better than being single?


2.Create chance encounters and increase the romantic atmosphere.

If you want to impress girls, there is another good way to create chance encounters to increase the romantic atmosphere. We watch many movies and TV shows where men and women meet, such as libraries, stations, and coffee shops.


These are very good places, with a romantic atmosphere in themselves, so we can artificially create encounters to increase the romantic atmosphere. For example, when it is raining, meeting a girl in front of her company will be natural. send her home. Or go to the bookstore she often goes to, so that two people can talk more about books. Over time, the girl will feel that acquaintance with you is a fate arranged by God.


2. Joking confession, test her. 

3. Before confessing to a girl, we can take a test to confirm that the girl has a good impression of you before confessing, so that it is much safer and will not even lose friends because of being rejected by the girl. To do, we can confess in a joking way. For example, we can say: “My heart beats so hard when I see you, are you responsible for me?” If the girl does not show obvious rejection of your confession, and If you are acting shy or even a little happy, then congratulations. At this time, you can make a formal confession. This shows that girls actually have you in their hearts, but girls are usually shy and don’t like to say love. That’s all, so as a boy, you should take the initiative to confess to a girl.


Confession also contains a lot of knowledge and tricks. Mastering good skills will enable you to get along well with girls. You may wish to learn more about this.


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