How can I get over a break up? Chapter One

Please believe that the following contents or videos are very constructive. According to my method, I can’t guarantee that you will come out so quickly or so effectively as I did, but they will definitely have a great effect.

After these five steps, he also gave an effective way to stop missing each other, and carefully sorted out the ups and downs of emotions that would occur after breaking up.


1. Video: how to fix a broken heart

You can search for how to fix a broken heart on Ted’s official website. It is a TED speech video. Inside, a senior American psychologist gave a way to get out of a broken relationship, and his language and tone are also very healing. Whenever I think about my ex-girlfriend, I will immediately open this video, about 13 minutes, after watching it, my heart will become extremely calm, just like taking a lesson to save the heart, and I have the strength to carry out daily study and work.


2.Mind-stopping technique.

Of course, cessation of thought does not mean that you force yourself not to think about him when you think of him, nor is it to force yourself to never miss this person in your mind, because this is impossible!

When I say “Don’t think about the pink elephant”, what is in your mind, it must be the pink elephant, right?

The following article will introduce in detail the operation method of cessation of thought and how effective it is to get out of broken love.


Now I want to analyze the mechanism of love formation from a psychological point of view, and later introduce how cessation of thought generates a confrontation method to eliminate “love.”

Love is a mental focus,

Imagine you bought 2 pots of flowers and put them on the balcony. In one pot, you carefully water, fertilize, deworm, trim branches and leaves every day, and bask in the sun on sunny days, and sing guitar and play songs to it on rainy days. The other Since you bought the pot, you have not paid attention to it anymore, and let it grow freely.


If these two pots of flowers are dying, which one will you save first? Which basin of death will you feel so sad?


The answer is unquestionable: which pot you are paying attention to. why? Because you poured your energy into this pot of flowers. You will feel pain for being broken up for the same reason: the mentally focused person you poured out has left. The reason why you cant come out is the same: after he left, you miss him day and night,

You think about the process from the beginning to the end of your relationship, you think about the beautiful moments in your relationship, you think about the quarrels when you broke up, and you think about whether you change the way it will be better…


However, this kind of recollection keeps you still focusing on yourself! This mental concentration leads you to immerse yourself in this relationship day after day, day after day. Now please use cessation of mind to stop this mental concentration. As I said in the previous article, cessation of thought is not simply “stop thinking of him”. Be patient and continue reading.

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