DATING relationship

What do you think about online dating?

 Loneliness and sexual impulse can often make people think of it as love.

Then it became dependent over time. Originally, I am just looking for fun.

I can’t do things in reality. If I can’t say it, letting me fly through a screen will make people feel cute.


It’s impossible to ignore me, after all, I can drive and sell cute. Then one day he really said ,lets be together, and really like you, and then he started to return to himself, self-doubt every day, he became cautious in speaking, and he didnt want him to understand who he was, his ugliness, and his family.

Happiness, no money at home, dull and bad words.


You ask him every day if it’s true and will he abandon me.

When you want to use your heart, you suddenly find that he is actually very cold towards you. You say to give up forever, he panicked, and really be together.

Well, very happy. And then you live in panic that rushes every day. He said why you are always like this, completely different from before.


Maybe now I am the real me. At first, it was just a bag of unscrupulous skin. It’s not that online dating has failed, and it’s not that the other party is bad. It is impossible to reconcile with oneself, unable to fall in love with oneself.


So give up, I really moved my heart, want to be together, but I am not good enough. The Internet is just a tool for cognition. I believe that there will be interesting souls or nice skins to find each other, and it will never be me. So farewell.

The proportion of long distance and online dating is more and more in recent years!

About 1/3 of problems I have ever received are about long-distance relationships! And they are generally young student parties. I advise you not to go online or remotely easily.


The reasons are as follows:

1. Being in love when you are young is equivalent to upgrading mobs. When you are young, people who have rich experience in love will have a relatively smoother process of talking about marriage after graduation and work. But the problem is that marriage talks and marriages are all face-to-face. After many years of online dating experience in remote places, you have no accumulation in handling and maintaining relationships face-to-face.


2. Online dating/relocation is difficult, and sweet happiness results in a small number. It is not because the long-distance relationship itself is not good, but because the long-distance relationship is more challenging than the same-city relationship. It requires the maturity, communication ability and psychological quality of two people. Higher, not everyone is suitable. Nowadays, many student parties are very emotionally fluctuating. They are constantly in conflicts, quarrels, jealousy and derailment, and so on. They really are not about long-distance relationships. If you feel that you are not so confident and handy to get along with others, don’t easily go off-site/online dating.


3. The depth and affection of online dating/remote places are three points true and seven points illusory. When two people are together, the sense of intimacy mainly comes from various forms of interaction. In online dating, you can only communicate through online chat and video. It is difficult to cultivate more intimacy, and it is also difficult for the two to get very close psychologically. Most of the time, it is our own brain supplementing our imagination to fill the other person’s image in our own mind, which has a big impact on our ability to recognize people and understanding of intimacy. 4. Online dating consumes a lot of personal growth and development time. Because of the long distance, I feel uneasy. Many people spend a lot of time chatting on video calls every day to carefully maintain their relationship.

But at the golden age of more than 20 years old, people’s learning ability and energy are at their peak, so they should allocate more time to study, experience, and explore life.



Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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