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Is online dating worth it?

Personally, if online dating progresses to a certain extent, it is more reliable than in reality. In the Internet, people are completely skinned, but also covered with a heavy shell. In normal Internet communication, people communicate most of the time by words and use words to convey feelings.


This also means the unity of information transmission. You have almost no other way to obtain more information. In reality, you can judge by its appearance and behavior.

Of course, if you take dozens of skins The second photo was used as an avatar, and I took selfies every day, so I didn’t say anything.


After in-depth communication with someone on the Internet, better results can be obtained than in reality, and it is easier to analyze one’s values.


In reality, you will be affected in many ways.


Only by peeling off a person’s skin layer by layer can one see the core part of a person. This part is also his reference to measure things.



This part will have a serious impact on the later relationship.


However, I believe that when you associate with a person, you will definitely not just care about your heart. For example, after you meet with the other person, if you find that he is very unhygienic, even taking a bath once a month or two, and you happen to have a serious cleanliness addiction, then I think this is very troublesome.


As I said above, in the initial communication with him online, due to the elimination of many factors, there are also more opportunities to touch his inner values. This gives you a high chance of matching the three views, which is also greatly reduced. In the later stage of love or married life, conflicts of values lead to discord.


To put it simply, online dating is understood from the inside to the outside, while in reality it is more from the outside to the inside.


For example, if you meet a handsome guy and find that his behavior is elegant and dignified, he is very cultivated, so you fall in love or marry him.

However, he slowly exposed some serious problems, such as serious male chauvinism, or a person who is very inactive and unmotivated in life. So, it seems to be too late?

That’s it, everyone has their own opinion.


Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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