How to get girls to like you? Chapter Two

7.You don’t make appointments?
Core knowledge points: The ultimate purpose of chat is to invite appointments. 90% of the upgrade of the relationship between men and women is done through dating. Don’t hope to chase each other through chat. 

8.Not knowing how to retain the mystery.
The disappearance of mystery leads to the longer men and women know each other, the less likely they are to be together. Just think, which one is more attractive to the girl who played with you since childhood or the beautiful girl you just met? So whether you are chatting or dating, remember to keep 30% of the mystery, so that the other person will remain interested in you. 

9.Missing the “window period” .
When having an ambiguous relationship with girls, girls will have a short open “window period”, which is manifested as dependence on you, good response, and strong obedience. If you do not seize the opportunity and take the initiative to establish a relationship, once the “window period” for girls is closed, it will be difficult to have such an opportunity again.

10.Don’t know how to upgrade the relationship. 

When dating more than 3 times, if the boy does not take the initiative to take the responsibility of moving his body, he will be passed by the girl as a “rookie”.

11.To enhance our own personality charm.
Such as our appearance, or our thinking and cognition.

Be responsible, be bold and be rich… Nah,, I was just joking. Being rich or not is not so important, the most important thing is find the right one.

12. Establish trust”.


This kind of trust first comes from creating an environment that makes her feel comfortable. When the environment itself makes her feel uncomfortable and insecure, it is difficult for anything you say or do to enter her heart.

 Every time we have dinner and activities together, we must learn to respect her wishes and guide them appropriately to ensure that she will not remain vigilant in an unfamiliar environment.

This trust comes from the details. For example, walking on the outside of a girl, and actively standing behind her when going up the stairs in summer. How much you pay attention to details can show how hard you are.


This trust also comes from your language. Many people have not realized that every time they speak, it is a good opportunity to show their reliability.

For example, talk about a class party in a university.

You and a few buddies insisted on sending drunk girls back to the dormitory in the middle of the night, but were trained by the dormitory for half an hour. What you emphasize is that you are very unlucky and girls should not drink at will.

But what I really want her to know is that you are very reliable and responsible.

However, most fundamentally, this trust comes from your magnanimity and your character.

Hope these tips would help at some aspects.

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