How to get girls to like you? Chapter One

Generally, we are supposed to take some measures and avoid the terrible actions when going after a girl.

The below tips are useful:


 1. Try very hard to please girls?

No matter how good-looking a girl is, she is just a little girl in essence. What she needs is a knight who can protect her, not a servile groom. The sooner you recognize this reality, the easier the communication between you will be. This alone deserves your praise.


2. Pay for the other party unconditionally?

 When I meet a girl I like, I feel inferior, and I feel a strong sense of unworthiness in my heart. I don’t dare to guide the girl to give. Too much unilateral investment causes me to sink deeper and deeper. Please watch the movie and ask the girl to have a drink. This is not about being stingy or not gentleman, but a game of psychological value.


3. Excessive exposure of demand?

Girls reply 2 words, you go back to the whole screen excitedly, girls reply you once every 3 hours, you will always reply in seconds, girls do not reply, you are restless, cranky, follow-up messages to ask questions, good morning and good night every day, hush cold and warm , Acting as a human weather forecaster. Excessive exposure of the sense of need will only reduce your value in the hearts of girls and lose interest in you.


4. Confession love too earlier?

Confession is the triumph of victory, not the horn of charge. Premature confession will arouse the girl’s guard, she will think, you are so good to me, all have a purpose, but just want to get me. A clever hunter will hide his whereabouts, instead of shouting at the little white rabbit before entering the forest, run, I am coming to catch you!


5. Fall into the “friendship zone”?

Many boys don’t understand why they always talk and talk about each other as brothers. That’s because your chat lacks flirtation, for fear of getting over the “thunder pool”, but girls also like ambiguous. For example: “Can I say good night to you in person?” “Yes.” “Let me say it to you in person.” If you say that girls like to say that, or just “good night”.


6. You have no chatting techniques?

When chatting with girls, learn to actively choose “Evacuate from the battlefield” and cut off the topic when the atmosphere of the chat is at its best. This will make the girls feel unfulfilled and look forward to chatting with you next time. Sneak attack skills: excuses like “I’m going to exercise now”, “I’m going to practice piano”, etc., while “withdrawing from the high point”, it can unintentionally display high value and increase the attractiveness of girls.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

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Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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