Does love decrease after getting married?

After marriage, love will not gradually decrease or disappear, but the premise is that you do not forget your original intention and manage your business with your heart. 

Some people say that marriage is the tomb of love. As two people enter a trivial life, love gradually becomes a family relationship. The relationship between two people is maintained by their children and family. In fact, this is not the case. Specific issues are analyzed in detail.


Some people are married, thinking that their feelings have entered the safe, and put all their personal energy on work. When they have children, both people revolve around the children. After a long time, the two people neglect the maintenance and management of the feelings. , The former love and sweetness are not deserted, and become a husband and wife relationship maintained by family and family.


Some people who are married often pay attention to the emotional communication between their partners, often watering love, no matter how busy and tired, they will also pay attention to the maintenance and preservation of the relationship between the two people, even if they have children, they will not regard the children as everything , Because the more loving the couple, the better the child! For example, give each other a vacation after marriage, go out to live the world of the two together, and relive the romance and warmth of the initial love. Only with the continuous management and dedication of two people, love will not be aging by life and time.


Therefore, always remember that love needs to be managed, love needs to be expressed, and she or he needs a hug from you.

And always remember that nothing is perfect. The only perfection is imperfection. 

Marriages need couples to work together!

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