What is the difference between a relationship and dating?

 The difference between a relationship and dating, ah, interesting…

As for me, A relationship is more like a serious connection between two people, a dating is more like a random thing comparing with relationship.

Relationship values commitment a lot, but dating, nah, it’s more about feelings.


During dating people spend time, try to know each other and give a chance to themselves for getting involved in life of each another.

Love may or may not be followed by! It’s just mere plunge in recognizing each other and explore things.

While in relationship, maturity and firmness of decisions are there. Actually it can be developed through experience of dating only, where bonding, mutual understanding, love and space are taken place gradually.

Where there is no fear of loosing! It’s far from just infatuation, doubts and possession. May be sometimes relationships are very strong but if unfavourable results are to be known in advance, though people give chance as they’re committed towards their lives. And not every relationship does need a tag or name. Some are beyond words. So, it’s free from burden of identity.

Dating lacks element of commitment.

And a point to be noted that commitment is not categorised as anybody’s responsibility, it’s a bond and promise which you carry for a person. But if it seems to be a responsibility, your relationship might get failed as it’s not any burden imposed by anyone. It’s self decision and feeling which carry life time significance.

So, dating can be a starting point of any relationship. But relationship is an endless precious bond which not just includes love, to be sustained in relationship is far tough and crucial than just falling for it cause it involves enormous level of patience, adjustment, sacrifice and practicalities over emotions.

And again that needs a mutual level of understanding..

Any relationship requires a base, base of understanding and trust..

Understanding is an art and not everyone is artist!

You can date around, but you are not supposed to have relationships with many people at the same time.

Clearly, the above explanation is the answer and I hope it is helpful.

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