What are the best romantic relationship tips? Chapter Two

True love should be things that are not easy to do, such as every effort to put you on a wedding ring, truly fulfilling every promise with heart, and helping you cover your kicked quilt in the middle of the night. These are common people. Things that are cumbersome and easy to give up in the eyes.

Feelings are what you want to do. Don’t flaunt your sacrifice to each other, otherwise giving charcoal in the snow will become more scheming.

Cell phones are more private than private parts. Don’t check your partner’s cell phone habitually. Basically no one can finish reading it with a smile. You say you are lucky and can finish reading with a smile, but the price of this kind of luck is his patience.

Soft but not weak, strong but not fierce, sexy but not showy, knowledgeable but not sophisticated. Can afford the sense of luxury of a famous brand, and can also discuss with aunt for a few cents in the vegetable market. There is no girl like me who is unhappy, and there is no girl who is not liked by boys.

To be honest is a necessary quality for a mature love. Hidden and tucked will make things more complicated, you keep deducting points in your heart, but he can’t remedy it.

Don’t compare with other boyfriends. You start to feel sore when you see other expensive gifts for your girlfriends, but you can’t see that girls may also give boys precious gifts. You have your way of getting along, and others may be secretly admiring you.

Many girls think that if they keep their boyfriend close to him, he will definitely not leave him. actually not. How much he loves you depends largely on your approach.

Give him the right space, don’t ask questions, don’t care, don’t ask for explanations, even if you don’t ask, he will consciously be honest with you because of guilt and fear that you are worried.

Appropriate space can increase the preservation of love. A person loves to eat potatoes, and he will get tired of eating it every day; in the same way, staying with someone every day will make you tired if you like it again. Little love wins new love is the love wisdom left to us by the ancients.

Two people together must maintain common progress. When there is a difference in your horizons, your feelings should be chuckle.

Cheating is always unforgivable. Don’t save a person who has cheated. It is meaningless except to make yourself bottomless and cheaper.

Boys who spend money and time for you don’t necessarily love you, but boys who stingy about you must not love you. After you have a boyfriend, you should never choose a naked face, pajamas and go out on the street. Girls who keep beautiful every day will always be more popular. If you want to be beautiful but you can’t find a way, follow the public account Daisy Witch and share one for you Tips to easily become beautiful in 7 days, the pro-test is effective~

Dignity is more important than anything else. Its qualifying must always be in the first place. The love gained by giving up dignity is not love, but charity.

Don’t take your partner’s goodness to you for granted, let alone lose yourself unilaterally. Only by paying each other can you maintain a balanced emotional balance.

If you are too broad on your boyfriend, you will like to be a mother.

Don’t be stingy with praise, boys need a sense of worship.

Consciously keeping a distance from the opposite sex is a respect for your partner, and a spare tire is needed for a broken car.

Be cautious about sex, don’t use sex to tie a boy’s heart.

Boys occasionally have their own pressure. When he is upset, don’t ask why, try to understand him, listen to his demands if necessary, and try to be a considerate and sensible girlfriend.

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