What are some tips for long-distance relationships? Chapter Two

  • Make your partner involved in your daily life.

Long-distance dating couples face a long time in different cities, and they will disconnect when they put down their mobile phones. Even I have always emphasized not to give up or forget your personal life because of a relationship. But when you are out, completely disconnected will make the other person very sad. I believe that many friends will face the situation where the other half of the night goes out to have a nightlife, and many people will be very worried and even give a prohibition order. Not allowed, not allowed, not allowed.

I personally think that if you and your significant other make clear explanations, there is no problem at all. Before going out, tell the other person where to go, who to go with, what to do, and how many points to come back. If there is someone of the opposite sex in your companion, please tell your significant other first. Don’t let your significant other get angry after seeing it in Moments, Snapchat or Instagram. You come to accuse your significant other of being very young.

When you have no way to participate in his/her life, you will feel forgotten or abandoned. This premise is because you did not inform the other party. If you can tell the other party in advance where you are going, and how long you are going, the other party can also arrange a reasonable time without waiting for your information.

If you want to post photos to social media, if you have time to update social media, it means you have time to send back text messages.

When you go out for fun, send photos or small videos to the other party so that the other party can also participate in part of your life.

  • Ask your partner questions.

Caring for each other, work, and life makes you feel that you care about each other all the time.

For example, have you eaten? Did you sleep well last night? Did you still bleed from where you were injured yesterday? Did you play the game you bought? Has your acne gone? Are there any headaches lately? Many times girls will care very much. Why did I say that I had a headache yesterday, but did not ask me if I was better today? Do you still have a headache?

(This is based on the fact that both parties are in a stable relationship. Many times they will receive private messages from friends about their fear of asking their partners some questions. In my opinion, couples should talk about everything, if Avoidance will make you look humble).

 If you can remember the above items and act properly, the risks of breaking up will become less and less.

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