What are some tips for long-distance relationships? Chapter One

When we start a long-distance relationship (exotic/remote/transnational), we will start to worry about how to maintain this relationship.

I have already shared a few articles about dating or dating and some of my own caution, so this article mainly shares about How to maintain a long-distance relationship: here we goes some tips that might help.

  • Virtual dating.

You and your partner, you can make an appointment, and both of you can make time for the video. You can eat at the same time, or watch the same movie, preferably chasing TV shows. Two people can share a common topic, discussing characters or plots in a TV series, and in this way you guys won’t have to worry about having no topic. Two people can agree to eat a kind of food together and chat together on video.

On special holidays, such as Valentine’s Day or birthdays, two people can eat or chat together with video, at least you will not feel alone.

Two people, make an appointment, even if it is only one hour, drive the video, eat together, or watch a movie together, comment on the movie, and talk about daily life. Even if it is only one hour, it is enough.

(This is based on the premise that two people are willing to video. Some friends may not like video, voice, or all kinds of things. My personal opinion is that I don’t change myself for anyone, but I’m in a long-distance relationship. This communication is a must. If we maintain our original life style, ignore our boyfriend/girlfriend, and only reply to a message or call for a few days, it is really selfish. Because you have no way to know the phone. How worried is the person at one end whether you are full, whether you wear enough clothes, whether it’s safe to get home.)

  • Looking back. Such as photos, chat records and so on.

Old photos, previous chat records, or some topics that have been chatted before.

Turning to the previous, you just started to realize that the chattering later, and then we began to have conflicts and emotions later, it is very interesting daily. These are the basis of your relationship and also your very fond memories. Sometimes I really miss him, and I will look through your videos and group photos. Being able to remind each other all the time, when you are together, you are very happy, and the days of waiting will pass faster.

(This is my favorite thing to do. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep or I’m bored, I will look through the previous chat history. When I turn to the previous photo, there are often many unexpected hilarious comments.)

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