What is the most important thing in a relationship? Chapter Two

At the last chapter, we talked about the importance of Equlity in a relationship, so we are going to talk about Chapter two here: 


Another factor that determines whether people are satisfied with intimacy is the way people interpret events. 

Happy couples often do partner-enhancing attributions, that is, attribute the others good behavior to the others internal reasons, and attribute the others bad behavior to the situation; on the contrary, unhappy Couples often make depressive attributions (distress-maintaining attributions), that is, they regard each others good behavior as luck, and attribute their bad behavior to their personality traits. 

These two attribution methods are not only related to the personality traits of the individual, but also related to the way the spouse communicates. The following will specifically talk about how to communicate.


Jealousy refers to a negative emotional response of an individual when an important relationship related to an individual’s self-concept is threatened by real or imaginary. 
It covers a wide range, including the status of others, work, hobbies, girlfriend or boyfriend, and even dressing. 
In an intimate relationship, jealousy on the one hand is a sign of the health of romantic love, it actually reflects the individual’s dependence on this relationship. 
On the other hand, jealousy often triggers negative emotions and behaviors.
 When these negative emotions accumulate, sometimes it is a terrible thing, and in many cases it damages the relationship between the two parties.

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