What is the most important thing in a relationship? Chapter Three


In addition to the tension, negative attribution tendency and jealousy induced by inequality, an important reason for problems in intimate relationships is lack of communication (or not knowing how to receive information, convey opinions, negotiate and discuss, etc.). A relationship that is going to be broken often contains a lot of complaints and ignores the care of the other party, unable or unwilling to express negative emotions to the other party, that is, too lazy to communicate with the other party. The two sides often fall into a circle of negative interaction when interacting. The positive behaviors of both sides are ignored, and the negative behaviors are exaggerated. Happy couples often understand each other’s point of view by arguing with each other, but they do so in a constructive and empathetic way. Psychologists call this mental state perspective taking, that is Try to understand other people’s views and feelings about a thing, it is extremely important to maintain the health of the relationship. It is precisely because of these disputes that the husband and wife understand each other better and the relationship will last longer.

Now, let’s specifically talk about how to communicate effectively. Personal point of view: Quite a lot of love ends are due to poor communication.


Let’s first look at the foundation of establishing a relationship. Although there are many ways to develop intimate relationships with others, self-disclosure is undoubtedly the most common and effective method. Self-disclosure (self-disclosure) refers to individuals telling others about their personal information, and sharing their inner feelings and information with others. In the opinion of many psychologists, whether a person has proper self-disclosure is an important indicator of their personal health. Studies have pointed out that if a person lacks self-disclosure when interacting with others, it will be difficult for him to establish meaningful connections with others, and he will also feel more lonely.


In the process of establishing a relationship, we must continuously and interactively reveal ourselves, and we often enjoy it.

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