What is the most important thing in a relationship? Chapter One


To make your relationship more strong actually is like mantianing a long relationship.

So, first of all, you have to have a partner… and you have to get along for a long time, and basically feel that there is no big problem (living habits are mutually adapted,

the three views are basically the same, etc.) Only on the basis of feelings can we continue to discuss how to last.


If we have these preconditions, then we can enter the topic.

First, let’s briefly summarize:

Important factors in maintaining a relationship.



Equality is one of the important conditions for maintaining intimacy.  

According to equity theory, people are most satisfied with intimacy under the premise of proportional justice, that is, when the contribution should be proportional to the benefit.  

In love and marriage, long-term fairness is more important.

Most happy couples don’t care about how much they give or gain, but pursue a kind of general equality, that is, how much they give is roughly the same as how much they get.  

For example, in family life, the uneven distribution of housework can easily lead to feelings of inequality between husband and wife.  

Therefore, people who work more have a say in this kind of fairness. 

If you don’t do anything at home, you have to point fingers at each other, so this relationship is more prone to problems. 

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