Is online dating worth it?

There are many ways to fall in love. Now many people choose online dating.

However, two people in online dating often don’t meet each other, or they have never met. How long can online dating last without meeting?

In fact, online dating is also more dangerous because two people often don’t see each other or neither meet each other. It’s just an unreal phenomenon that I met online. If I don’t meet, I feel that I can maintain it at best. For half a year. It is very dangerous to be able to feel the other person’s appearance only through imagination, because people have a sense of freshness, and if there is no sense of freshness after a period of time, then the relationship will fade away and you will give up.

But this is not necessarily true, because if two people are together for a long time and feel that they want to meet, then the relationship is still relatively real, if they have not seen each other, then it is not very real.

How long can online dating last without meeting?

In fact, how long online dating can last without seeing each other depends on how deep the relationship between two people is. For many people, even if two people do not meet, the relationship is permanent. After all, they have been chatting online for so long.

For most online dating, If you don’t see each other, you usually break up after half a year, because you often don’t see the other person, and you don’t know the status of the other person, or you haven’t even seen him. This will make people feel a sense of panic. The novelty gradually disappeared between the two people.

It’s just about the person you are dating online, if you think it is worthy, then continue to dating with him or her.

In one sentence: follow your heart and be smarter and kind.

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