What do guys “never” tell girls?

Boys who really like you, no matter how many love skills and routines they know before, will definitely have a certain degree of sincere awkwardness, which will make you feel silly and cute. You can definitely see his different qualities in front of you and others. For example, a person who talks a lot and meets a girl he really likes, but he is clumsy and awkward, but his kindness to you will make you feel at ease. .

Boys also have a very realistic and material side in their hearts. They will also feel disgusted and dissatisfied with their partners who are inferior to them in all aspects. They will also weigh the pros and cons, but they will not say directly.

A man himself is an animal with a desire to conquer. No matter how sincere he is in pursuing you, it is very important for the woman to maintain an independent personality and fun after being together. Don’t be morally bound and sacrificed, and rely on the other party’s emotions. This is a mistake that most girls tend to make in the later stages of love, which leads to a drastic decline in attractiveness and boys’ attitudes are not as good as before.

If you know each other soon, before you fully confirm the relationship, you will immediately have an intimate behavior, which will greatly reduce the charm value in the heart of the boy. Even if the boy does not take the initiative and refuses, it is difficult to cherish it in his heart, unless you both seek what It’s all a physical relationship, otherwise, if the woman wants to use this to win the hearts of boys, it is basically equivalent to disillusionment.

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