What are the perks of dating you, summed up in a short paragraph?

  1. I’m a great listener. Let’s rephrase this. I’d would love to listen to you and your amazing stories and then reciprocate. I do talk, but I don’t believe in a lot of verbose. I’ll do some subtle gestures (which I make sure you notice) and you’ll love it.
  2. I’ll give you all the space in the world you need. For me, a relationship is two individuals living together and sharing their lives because they simply enjoy. But that, doesn’t give me the right to interfere in your life, at max I can warn/advice/protect you(to all those feminists even though you’re independent, a guy won’t stop protecting you irrespective of you needing it or not). I respect the fact that sometimes you need your own time and in that own time you wanna party or read a book or watch a movie or do anything, relax! I won’t be there(unless you want me too).
  3. I’m a nerd (not a geek or a dork). Well, there’s a difference(google it). I like to read and I’m ambitious, that’s all. I’d love my women to be ambitious too. And most importantly, I’m the kind of nerd who’ll never brag about his achievements and support my partner.
  4. I’m a fitness freak. Yeah, you got it. I believe in staying fit ( getting six pack or a curvy ass aren’t important ). So when you’re with me, I’ll make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle.(And it isn’t boring at all)
  5. I’m a movie-buff. And it doesn’t end at movies. I also follow TV-Series, Web-series and short-films. A nice episode of BBT works as a Sunday date for me.
  6. I love cooking. You heard it. Period.
  7. Commitment is forever thing for me. Okay, forever is a myth, I get it. But when I got into a relationship, it’s meant to be long term. Yes, I take my time to give you all the commitment and love you deserve, but once I’m into you, you don’t have a thing to worry about.
  8. I can live without sex(sometimes). Yes, sometimes. Making love is a part of a relationship but not the most important part. Emotional love and support is more important than physical love. (Yes. I do watch porn, fantasise, like BDSM too – like all the guys, but I’m not a creep nor a horny bastard, if you get that thought)
  9. I’m experienced. Most important point here. Been in 4 relationships, yes it contradicts with my point of commitment. FYI, I told you I’ll give you space when you need one and also I don’t believe in stretching things if they aren’t meant to be. I’ll love you enough to let you go. The bottom line is I know the ups and downs, I’ve been with other women and not bragging, but in a way I understand women(not pushing it).

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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