What is the best dating advice you have ever been given?

Some men depend on their potential mate solely on their looks, but makes sure you have someone with brains and even keeled emotionally. Looks may fade but “being dumb” or erratic emotional behavior lasts forever. Never get with someone who has more problems than you. Sometimes it is easy to think you can fix other people but if they have gone through an extensive part of their life having emotional problems generally do not get fixed in a loving relationship. It is a hard look at a situation but that is reality.
Check your potential mates parents’ own relationship. If they grew up in a caustic and poor environment, they often bring this type of behavior into your own relationship.
Try to make sure your partner is capable of bringing a decent income into the partnership because almost 100% of all failed marriages are based on money issues or the lack of it. You don’t have to have the “best of everything” but make sure you are not living “check to check” and learn how to put a portion of your income for “rainy days” along with establishing a good retirement investment funds.
It is good to share some common interests but it is also important that you have your own interests because you are not spend ALL of your free time with each other.
While your children need to be very important in your focus, maintaining your relationship should always be the number one factor. If you are getting together with someone who has child(ren) from a previous relationship, are you allowed to assist with the “parenting” of those children? If you are told by your potential spouse that “those are my kids and you are not their parent”, that’s a clear sign to look somewhere else for a potential mate.
Make sure there is a level of mutual respect towards each other because no relationship can maintain without that being part of its foundation.
Remember that your choice in a mate will determine your future success or failure and that one single decision will affect your future life.

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