How does life change after marriage for boys?

Boys will gain weight after marriage, for sure!!!

The research team led by Stephanie Schoeppe of the University of Central Queensland in Australia evaluated the data of more than 15,000 volunteers in 10 years and found that couples in happy relationships weighed 5.8 kg on average than singles, and the weight of these couples increased on average every year 1.8 kg

Why love(marriage) makes people gain weight?

Because everyone doesn’t have that much pressure on maintaining their appearance and figure

You don’t need to maintain your appearance to attract other people (the heart is also important, only the appearance is here) When there is no stress, there is too much easy life, and there will be inertia naturally. It doesn’t seem to be a joy to maintain your body without enjoying food together, so let’s open up your belly and get fat together. As for those who can be prepared for danger in times of peace and insist on staying outside, it really takes a lot of willpower to do this.

  1. You will give up or change your original personal life daily

You used to eat at home everyday, and then take your meal to the company at noon every day. I’m sorry, falling in love will really change a person’s lifestyle more or less. Let’s fall in love, go on a date. If you want to be in love, there will be no fewer dates. You have to eat on a date. There are so many restaurants outside, there are not many that are low in calories and not fat. You should have popcorn to watch a movie, and milk tea for a walk after dinner. The sweet love we talked about in those years, it turned out to be sugar

You will unconsciously accept the other side’s unhealthy habits

You like falafel, but the other person likes fried chicken coke. Could you not eat it? Can you bring a salad to accompany her to McDonald’s for burgers? Probably not.

Isn’t it because you eat more and more?

2. If boyes Going out on a date after marriage, they will have a greater chance of drinking.

Alcohol is a good thing to promote atmosphere and warm feelings

Just don’t drink too much

But how fat wine can be, you can drink more and try it.

3. Fitness time is occupied after marriage.

If you don’t usually work out, please ignore

It takes time to fall in love, so where does this time come from?

It may be your fitness time originally! If you consume less and consume more, you will naturally become happy and fat.

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