Is using Tinder a good idea or a bad idea?

It’s really a preference. There are so many people who don’t just want a hook up. Infact, the men/women who want a long term relationship say so in their bio, just that. They also say what they like to do.

If your looking for a long term relationship than answers the profiles who are looking for the same thing. If the profiles are blank than move on or ask what are they looking for if you are interested in someone who may have just started on the dating site. There are so many success stories from Tinder and a lot of marriages.

Everything takes effort. Remember that. You have nothing to lose by trying it and may have everything to gain by doing so.

Good Luck and Hope this helps.

Tinder is one of the most popular online dating sites. The app is simple and based on the geolocation system: after downloading the app on your smartphone, you connect via your Facebook ID, which allows Tinder to retrieve your photos, your age, your sexual orientation and especially your location.

The app then shows us photos of men or women around us and asks us to “like” or “dislike” them by swiping right or left. If there is a “mutual match” (the two people have swiped right on each other’s profile) they can chat together on the app… and meet each other in the process, since theoretically, they are not far from each other!

The app is a great way to meet a lot of new people. It is considered to be a “fast dating” app, but can also work for building meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Using Tinder is great idea depending on your goal. If you want to meet new people and date, Tinder will be great for you to use because it is simple to understand and effective at meeting people. If you want to find your one true love, Tinder can also be great but you will need to mention it in your bio (if you truly do not want to waist time) to make sure that you only match with people who share the same goal as you.

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