What are the toughest jobs in the world?


  1. Before the baby is born, you have already considered what name is good, what clothes are comfortable to wear, and what kind of cot is more suitable.

Even though I knew that I was “incomplete,” I forced myself to listen to the classical music of various masters, and in the end I was able to tell the melody characteristics of each classical masterpiece.

Although I was not hardworking and studious when I was in school, I have become so shameless to ask questions. I humbly asked my colleagues and friends who have parenting experience. I bought a large stack of parenting books and studied carefully. I joined many WeChat groups to discuss and communicate with expectant mothers In the end, I feel that I can write a book.

Although you usually walk with big strides and meteors, you have become extremely cautious during pregnancy. The wife thinks every step of the way, and the husband is holding his arms next to him, as if every step is hurting the child in the abdomen.

After the child was born and ecstatic, you realized that life has become a mess from now on.

2. Finally, the child is in kindergarten, smart, lively and cute, and you feel very relieved to see the child’s carefree growth.

But you still can’t sit still, because you find that children of the same age are not in art classes or playing the violin, or taekwondo, go class, drum set, writing class…anyway, they are not idle. Without comparison, there is no harm. So, you also ask the children what specialties they like to learn and ask about finding a reliable tutor for the child.

In the end, you and your child joined the ranks of the special class on the weekend, and you are even more serious than your child. Although you know that children don’t really like this choice, you always cheer yourself up with “don’t let your children lose at the starting line”.

Perhaps, the children’s specialties can not be learned in the end, but you have turned them into your hobby.

Occasionally, you are even fighting fiercely for wether you are going to having a second child.

3. Throughout elementary school and junior high school, you find that your tutoring homework is getting more and more difficult. After a long time scratching your ears and scratching your cheeks, you still can’t tell why, you suddenly feel that your omnipotent tall image collapses in front of the child, and feels that the child’s eyes are less respectful when looking at him.

So, in order to maintain your glorious image, you have to pick up the textbook again. The child learns from the teacher at school, and you secretly chew at home. Congratulations, you finally graduated together with your child.

4. The child’s puberty is coming, and the rebellion in the name of personality is getting worse. You have the patience to talk about the importance of learning and the principles of life, but in the end it is hard to resist the temptation of games and the preaching of the Internet.

In the face of the child’s stubbornness and stubbornness, there are ten thousand small universes in your heart bursting out. You want to yell hysterically, but your reason always warns you: If roaring can solve the problem, the donkey can rule the whole world.

On individual occasions, looking at the indifferent and indifferent child, you clenched your fists countless times, but you silently said countless times: This is my own child.

5. Finally got through to high school, most parents have more than enough energy for the task of tutoring homework, so the focus of your work can only be shifted to better logistics services for your children.

You have to adapt to your child’s work and rest time. If your child works hard until 12 o’clock at night, you will never go to bed at 11:30. Your beloved NBA has broken up with you for three years, and your best friends can’t date you for drinks. Your passion for sports can only wave goodbye.

You have to observe your child’s emotional changes. You can’t ask more when he is silent. You can only ask about his studies when he is in a high mood. His emotions affect your family atmosphere.

You have to pay attention to your child’s social circle. You are afraid that he will not interact with others and his personality will become withdrawn and silent; you are also afraid that he will interact with people and be affected by some bad habits; you are even more worried that he will fall in love early, delay his studies, and go wrong Life.

You become extremely sensitive to grades. Each time your child’s performance improves by one or two places, you become extremely happy; the child drops three or four points, and you feel that the world becomes extremely dim; your child’s performance is ranked in the forefront of the whole grade, and you feel confident in speaking; your child’s performance If you rank last, you feel that life will never have any hope.

In these three years, you have lost yourself. Everything you have belongs to the child; everything you do is for the child.

6. Yes, the child has finally gone to college. You feel relieved. You want to make up for everything you lost in the past three years, but you find that you have lost your original mood.

You keep in touch with children far away from home. The child is like a satellite launched by you. Only in the end of the week does the contact signal become stronger.

Later, this fixed contact frequency may change from once a week to once a month.

You only discovered that if parents are a job, it is always in progress; if parents are a career, they are always on the road.

I would like to dedicate this article to selfless and qualified mothers.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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