What are some interesting Tinder stories?

After totally rejected by the girl I loved, like someone else, I joined in Tinder and successful matched with a girl.

It was a business trip and I feel like lonely, so I invited her to dinner and then we got back to the room I booked.

I remember that the sound insulation of that room was not very good,

At night, I heard a girl crying in a neighbor room, and there was the sound of slapped slaps from time to time… I thought it was a young couple arguing and didn’t want to be nosy; but the crying became louder, it was too bad ! “Please forgive me” from time to time…

At that time, I felt that the matter was a bit serious, and there were a lot of movies like this…A rape? Crime? I doubt that.

So I walked around the room for a long time, and I opened the door as soon as I gritted my teeth and put on my clothes. I saw that many people in the corridor were looking around, plucking up the courage to smash the door, “Fuck, who?” There was a man’s voice inside. I’m a little bit embarrassed. What if it is really a criminal case? I didn’t know what to think, I lowered my voice “Police, come out now!”

I heard a mess inside, and after a while, a man opened the door and poked his head out. When I saw it, He only reached my shoulder . so I was not worried,

Me: “What are you doing?”

Him: “Just spending time with my girlfriend”

I pushed the door open,

Me: “do you know Someone called the police, you guys are so load?”

Him: “Won’t be this loud again, sorry.”

A woman inside was combing her hair, I looked at her, she glanced at me, did not say anything, continued combing her hair… So I am sure this is not a crime scene, and then I left.

But, at the time I was coming back to my room, That guy at next room, he burst out: Hey bro, Can you lend me a handcuff?… Mine is missing…


I was totally shocked…

P.S.: I am not a cop.

Well, this is one of my interesting Tinder story, I will update more stories happend on Tinder or Bothlive.

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Thanks for reading.

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A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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