What are some habits that are good to get into?

From a loser to a confident man, these 13 habits have changed me.

1. Contemplation: Spend some time on introspection, every day – reflect on your life, your emotions, where you could have done something better, how your life is making this world a better place to live. Ok this might take > 5 minutes if you are like me. Do it anyway.

2. Exercise: Do a 100 push-ups or squats every day, or jump rope fast for 5 minutes, or anything that forces you to breathe heavy and makes you sweat. I could just have said exercise but you set the 5-minute limit :D, and you can hit the gym if time allows you.

3. Clean It: Brush your teeth every night, approximately 30 minutes after dinner. If you brush right after you have your dinner, you might destroy your enamel gradually.

4. De-Clutter: Think of one stuff in your office/house which does not add any real net value to your life and without which your life could have been simpler. It could have been an un-used thing that’s taking up your space, some service that you don’t need any more, e-mails and contacts that you won’t need ever again, and people who drain you out with their negativity. Throw it away. Make It Simple.

5. Deep Breathing: Breathe deeply for 5 minutes, without thinking anything else. Feel the air puffing up your lungs. Do NOT Rush – let your stress go and feel the calmness.

6. Relationships:When you have got free time (No one is as busy as to spare 5 minutes – and if they are – their life is seriously fucked.), call/ping a friend/relative you have not spoken to in a while.

7. Control: When your temper seems to be winning over you, breathe long and deep repeatedly and let 5-minutes pass before you respond.

8. Think about making something better: Write up one good idea that you feel could make something (anything) better – it could be yourself, your relationships, your town, some random person’s life, anything.

9. Enjoy your food: Focus on the taste of your food while eating – really get into it, enjoy it. Don’t just eat it – live it. Don’t text or read a magazine or watch TV while eating. Try to talk less if you are with someone.

10. The Most Important One: Remember to Act. Start Small. You must have read a thousand replies to questions like this on Quora, and they are awesome, but you won’t implement 90% (or higher) of what you read. Don’t just read, get your ass up and Act. Forget the hundreds of mini-habits you could inculcate. Start with one and be consistent – that will reward you better than reading thousands and doing nothing.

11. The Least Important One: When you like an answer on Quora, up-vote it. That way the writer gets to know he added some value to someone’s life 🙂
I am sure that one takes less than 5 minutes 😉

12. Eat more fruits, tomatoes, kiwis, etc. which are rich in vitamins. Eating more fruits will make our bodies healthier and healthier.

13. Take a nap in the middle of the day, otherwise you will feel exhausted in the afternoon.

14. Drink more water.

15. stop sitting for more than one and a half hours. Whether it is in clinical research or medical journals, there have been countless documents and studies, which prove that sitting for a long time will definitely increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and malignant tumors, and the probability of death will also greatly increase. .do not smoking and drink alcohol.

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A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

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Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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