What is something people never use correctly?

1. It is most convenient to fold the sugar packet in half from the middle and then tear it in.

If the top packaging is torn open, it is easy to create a small piece of wrapping paper trash, tear a hole in the middle to easily discard the empty sugar bag.

2. Fold the A4 paper in half and put it in the potato chip jar to easily take out the whole potato chips.

3. When you open the bag of biscuits or potato chips, you can tear it from the middle so that you can easily eat all the snacks without spilling.

4. Fully open is easy to overflow when pouring, if you only open a triangular hole, you can easily control the outflow.

5. Instead of opening the lid of the cup to drink directly, there is a risk of overflow. You can choose to drink through the small hole in the cup instead.

6. The correct way to eat triangle chocolate is not to open it outwards but to break it inward.

7. To drink coconut, start from the three small black holes at the top.

Coconut shells are hard and it is not convenient to cut them directly to drink. There are three small black holes at the top of each coconut. One of them is the stalk. You can easily insert the straw into the straw to drink the coconut juice by removing the stalk.

8. Using the can opener toward our own direction will not cut our hands too easily.

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A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

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Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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  1. I whack the jar on the edge of the counter. I had not realized until a few days ago that my inability to open jars was actually carpal tunnel syndrome. I thought I was simply wimp – or dainty, depending on your perspective.

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