What are some really boring jobs?

Olympic Swimming Lifeguard.

Look at her face.

You can tell just by her look that she is bored out of her mind.

Olympic Swimmers are the absolute best swimmers in the world.

They grew up in the pool. They can swim in their sleep.

Do you really think that an athlete of that high of a level needs a lifeguard in the sport that they are the best in the world in?

The American media “New York Times” paid attention to a group of special workers in the Rio Olympics-swimming pool lifeguards. It turns out that there are 75 lifeguards in the Rio Olympic swimming pool, including 15 women. Their task is to rescue swimmers in the event of an accident, with a daily salary of 115 yuan. A lifeguard said with a smile that the probability of a swimmer having an accident in the pool is only one in a million, but we are always prepared.

At the Rio Olympic swimming pool, there are many coaches watching them, and a group of people also watching the swimmers. Yes, they are lifeguards. Their task is to take charge when athletes like Phelps have an accident in the pool. Rescue. A lifeguard named Anderson said: “I dream of this possibility. Although the probability is only one in a million, we are always prepared.”

US media reporters photographed the working conditions of the lifeguards. Most of them just sat on the sidelines and stared at the best swimmers in the world. Of course, most of the time, they have nothing to do.

The lifeguards work in two shifts, the first shift is from 8 am to 4 pm, and the second shift is until 0 pm. Of course, their remuneration does not seem to be high, the remuneration for 20 days of work is about 2,300 yuan, an average of 115 yuan per day.

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