What are some unwritten social rules everyone should know?

  • If others do not ask you for advice, please do not take the initiative to give advice or suggestion.

The sense of accomplishment in helping others can make people happy and even addictive. But from the perspective of recipients, do they really appreciate you? In fact, no one wants to admit that he is inferior to others, even if objectively he may indeed be incompetent, he is not willing to accept your suggestions. Only when others ask you for help, give your suggestions.

  • When you become stronger, there are fewer rules that bind you.
  • Don’t get too close with your girlfriend’s bosom friend.

If her bosom friend dislikes you, she will tell bad about you; if she likes you, well… this will be a trouble.

The same works on girls too.

  • Don’t get your interests involved with friends.

It is best not to involve interests in the relationships between people. If interests are involved, this relationships will often end in failure.

  • Always keep 30% sense of mystery.
  • To accept a gift from someone is to acquiesce in the other person to do something.
  • Free things are actually more expensive, so the best way is to make money and spend it yourself.

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    • A good external image(your appearance) can add appreciation.
    • Successful experience cannot be copied, only learn from.
    • What suits you most is the best.
    • Material conditions are the basis of some possibilities.
    • Ordinary people can make a lot of money as well, the key is whether you can persist in doing one thing well.

    Do one thing to the extreme, and you have surpassed 90% of people, and the remaining 10% are lucky or hardworking people. Because there is no shortcut to success,

  • People like your actions more than your talking.

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