What are some of the most awesome psychological facts?

1. What a person hates is often more reflective of his true character than what he likes.

2. When you see a funny story or picture, the person you want to share first is usually the person you care about the most.

3. People who love to brag are generally unreliable.

4. Want to understand the nature of a person: watching his actions is better than listening to his words.

5. Good girls who are always hurt by “scumbags” are either too well protected by the original family and never experienced any setbacks; or the original family has problems and is extremely lack of love, and if someone gives a “sugar”, they will die Follow each other.

6. Easily agree with other people’s opinions and rarely raise objections. If they are not unintentional, they are mostly hypocritical and like to act on the spot and cannot be trusted.

7. Telling shit language will not make a person have a personality, but will only make people feel the person is less educated and will left somebody a bad imperssion.

8. A person’s true character is most easily reflected after he drinks.

Those who are usually calm and reliable, become ridiculous after drinking, most of them are very lonely inside;

Those who are usually positive and optimistic, love to cry when drunk, but in fact they feel more bitter than anyone else;

9. To marry a person, we must look at his attitude towards his family. How he treats his family today, how he treats you tomorrow.

10. A person who likes to read is usually more vivid and less complain.

11. The more people show off on Internet, the more often they lack.

12. To look at a person, not only look at himself, but also look at his closest friends. Only people with similar scents can look forward to staying together for a long time. The life of his friend is his truest appearance.

13. People who answer the phone quietly in public places are usually kind-hearted and will consider others.

14. Most of the people who still spend time on Quora in bed late at night are single.

15. If a person always consumes ahead of time and buys whatever he wants, then this type of person is likely to have weak willpower.

16. If you feel angry, drawing straight lines will help to relax you; if you feel sad, you can draw a rainbow.

17. If you have procrastination, but there are tasks that need to be completed urgently, you can think about it before going to bed. This will prepare your brain mentally for this and subconsciously let you start planning a route to accomplish the task. So when you actually start doing it, it’s much easier.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

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Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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