If you were to die tomorrow, what would you do today?


No matter what,Just run naked

Take off my clothes completely and run away while shaking my dick

Streaking to the street, the square, the school

Keep running

No matter if those passers-by treat me as stupid or what

Just ran, let the city management or the security came to chase me

I ride a bike

The traffic police honked and chased me, no matter what

Just run faster than him

Go home and put on clothes

Spend all my savings on hard drink

Craft beer, white wine, yellow wine, wine

Buy in the supermarket or online

Buy buy buy

Buy enough to honor my dad,

old man likes to drink

I can’t tell my mom that I’m going to die tomorrow

She will be so sad if she knows

Lie to her that I went to Siberia or Babylon to explore

Saying I will never come back this time

She got angry with me, she called me an idiot

Go back to my room and carry my bag, the water bottle is full
Kow three heads to parents
set off!
Squat at the traffic light first
If any fool runs the red light, I will stop him
Then beat him up
Teach him not to do this next time
Then go to elementary school
Back to my previous seat
Obliterate the engraved on the table I want to grow up soon
and then Write ”Go Fuck Yourself”
then Go to an internet bar
Borrow audio from the webmaster you know
Find the most central machine
Play Japanese porn, play loudest
Put Amelie Set first, then Erika Momotani, which I like.

Then go to play chess

Any old man watching chess , If he touches my pawn again

I WILL Scold him directly

Go to the street after playing chess

Help sanitation workers take out the garbage

Brag to the park security

By the way, see who disturbs law and order

Beat anyone who does bad things

I HOPE No one at night

Go to the roadside

To meet a tramp without shoes

Take off my Wiggins 2018 and give it to him

Then sing

Sing whatever I want

I’ll dance when I’m tired of singing

Where to jump where to go

It’s best to have no one on the road

Running around there

Tired of jumping

Take out the phone on the bridge

See if the comics are updated

Looking at the camera photos of my network disk

Then block all friends

Watch the cartoon

Watch movie (Pulp Fiction and Fight Club)

Speaking lines while watching

when battery is low

Probably it is the time,

I will Smash the phone and throw it into the trash can.

Write a note

: Act according to plan

Then throw away my bag and clothes together


Streaking again

Scream again

Keep running

Run back to the funeral home

Take red paint and paint arrows from the door

Apply to the freezer room

Write on the freezer door: surprise motherf**ker

Then lie in the freezer

Stick the original note on my forehead

Then Erect my middle finger

good night : D

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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