What is your review of The Boys?

[Maybe I over-interpreted it, but when reality is more absurd than drama, all black humor becomes irony]

The political metaphor of this show has become more and more blatant and has become a simile.

Everyone knows that the first level of the boys is the ironic superhero comics,

This show has taken a big step forward, all kinds of irony of the current ecological politics in the United States

(Just talk about the second season, the first season does not have so much metaphorical content)

Let me talk about the group of seven:

The homelander is the face of the United States, powerful, control freak, heavy desire for power, magnificent on the surface, full of benevolence and morality, in fact, the heart is dark and uneasy.

The Storm Girl is America’s lizi (the Lady of Liberty). She looks like a pioneer feminist representative, but she is actually a Nazi. She has extreme contempt for people of color and kills people without blinking. She is even crazier than Homelander. On the surface, she is outspoken, but it is actually very evil. [In the original book is a man]

These two can be said to correspond to white men and white women in the United States. (Recently, this white girl who puts discrimination on her face is called Karen)

It can also be said that Internet influencer who mirrored lies have defeated the old-fashioned politicians who seem to be magnificent.

Could the pirated Wonder Woman represent the LGBT community? The appearance is beautiful, but in fact, he lived carefully and was forced to come out for a show. [The word queen is closely related to LGBT]

Starlight is the young left-wing youth in the United States now, naive, kind, but useless

Deep, animal environmentalists, identity barriers, playful role. The positioning is similar to the actual animal protectionists.

Locomotives, A-train, fast running (athletes), greedy for money, drug abuse, being called like a dog by a homelander, scumbags, properly are all black labels [in the original book is a white person]

Blind Asians, born inadequate, short, and kung fu, (all Asian labels) tried to squeeze into the circle of the seven, but the homelander he admired before he got on stage was beaten to death like a cockroach.

They are basically portrayals of the corresponding ethnic group.

I don’t know what iron is.

maybe he is a satire of Batman, I can’t see the second layer, so there are too few scenes.

The top executives of Vaught are the true owners of the United States-capitalists. Whether your homelander or the Statue of Liberty, they are all products made by capitalists. And the founder of the company was a Nazi scientist who fled/returned to the United States. After the Second World War, the United States has become the world’s leader in a wave of fat. (It is more fun to design the founder to be Jewish)

Whether it’s

a company or a superhero, what happens is a frantic report by the media, the last thing is not useful, the villains still go their own way. Even the CIA FBI has nothing to do with a consortium.

In addition, the congresswoman NEUMAN who appeared crazily on TV should be the new political star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez AOC who mirrors the reality of New York, so she has to let the beautiful congressman herself play the role, her face and hairstyle are the same, for fear that others will not recognize it. Next Could it be her who got the headshot? 

And the two Japanese brothers and sisters, are they the same as Japan, which was forced to become (once) the second in the world by the US? In the end, the hawkish brother who wanted to resist was killed by the storm. Only the older sister who didn’t dare to say anything was left, just like Japan in reality.

It is not surprising that Chinese and Russian superpowers will follow. After all, China has been mentioned several times in the show.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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