What is the most beautiful love story you have heard, read, or experienced?

After being completely rejected by the girl I loved, like plenty other singles ended up joining Tinder. Came across this girl, superliked her and within the next one hour we matched and started talking.

Turns out, she had a rough break up just a month back and was trying to get over it. The entire episode wasn’t less than a lottery for me. She is definitely one of the prettiest females I have ever came across and there I was excited to meet up. The next day itself, she asked me to catch up. Initially, I got the vibe somehow that it could be a fake account but then I decided to give it a shot.

10 days later, we ended up dating.

Just like any other relationship, the first few days were nothing less than crazy but then the sufferings began. She went absolutely nuts and I don’t know which one is the craziest of them all.

Here are some absolutely crazy shit she did:-

Threatened to commit suicide if I didn’t delete the pictures and contact of my ex from my cell phone.

Threated to commit suicide again when I couldn’t return her calls for 2 days because I was on a professional tour.

During a weekend getaway, I snapped at her as she didn’t let me sleep. She called up a female friend of mine and allegated her that she is sleeping with me and that am not interested in the relationship anymore.

During one of our arguments, she traced the number of my younger sister via Facebook, called her up and said that am exploiting her for sex and she has a horrendous brother also she should be ashamed of me. My sister is a student of class 10.

Just to test my loyalty, if I may cheat on her or not she created a fake profile on facebook sending me a friend request and before that she added a couple of my cousins and a bunch of her friends to make it look genuine.

I bumped into my ex in the mall and just greeted her a “Hi” as a courtesy, this pissed her off and she accused me of still having feelings for my ex and walked up to her getting into a fight. It was an interesting catfight though.

One day, I got 15 minutes late to pick her up from her college. First she was super pissed, shouted at me for a few minutes and then while I was driving hit the steering wheel. By God’s grace there was a signal up ahead and I stopped the vehicle else it could have proven to be extremely dangerous. Moreover that was the end of it for me. I asked her to get out of the vehicle right there and never contact me again. (Girls! Never do something to an Autohead’s car, I warn you never).

Guess what?

All that happened in just 1.5 months of our relationship. It was nothing less than a disaster. She called me a few days back apologizing for the neurotic behaviour and wanted to get back together, I politely declined the offer.

I don’t want to end up in a mental asylum 😀

so it’s not a beautiful story, but a terrible story I read on the Internet.

share with you guys. thanks for reading.

My meaning is manily to tell you guys stay away from these kind of girls.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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