What is the best thing you saw today?

A few days ago, a stray dog fell into the asphalt pool on the construction site and the cute puppy was burned. Fortunately, it was picked up by workers with a shovel and placed on a grass field.

It was so distressed to see the injured dog, his whole body was burned by asphalt in many places, and its hair was mixed with asphalt.

Of course, fortunately, this stray dog met with kind workers and volunteers. After three days of treatment and cleaning, although it is still being treated in the pet hospital, her condition has gradually returned to normal.

Caring for stray dogs is always what I do. But this year, affected by the epidemic, too many dogs have been discarded, beaten, and starved!

No one can count exactly how many dogs lost their lives and how many became stray dogs in these three months of this year.

I am a dog person, 
**I will share with you guys some experience about adopting abandoned puppy:**
The abandoned dogs that have just taken home are very timid. First, take it to the hospital to get the vaccine and check for skin diseases. Don’t pass it on to people. In fact, stray dogs are easy to raise. They are highly resistant and smart.
 1. To hide from people must be beaten by the previous owner or bullied by others after being stray. Therefore, if you are afraid of seeing people, in order to eliminate this problem, you have to care about it and let it know you don’t. It will hurt it and then raise it in the way of raising a pet dog (deworming internally and externally, vaccinating, buying dog food, buying toys, giving it to the cold) so that the dog will treat you as a lifesaver and treat you Loyal 
2. You usually love him more and talk to him and let him listen to the music he is interested in. Maybe it will be better. Take your time 
3. Many stray dogs are afraid of people. My dad adopted a stray in his work. Dogs were also very scared of people at first, but then she got used to it, and later she wanted to drive her away, she didn’t leave, and wandered by herself every day. It has been several years and has not been lost. Stray dogs are used to being free, right? I am willing to wear a collar. And I believe that after a long time, a relationship will be established between you, and she will not get lost, often accompany it by her side, and often touch her.

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A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

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Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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