If you love someone, can you really stop loving them?

Yes, for sure we could stop loving someone else.

Biologically speaking, whether it is love at first sight or long-term love between men and women, as long as enough phenylethylamine (PEA) is produced in each other’s brains, then the mysterious love will be produced. The feeling of “calling” that we usually talk about is the masterpiece of PEA.

In fact, PEA, a chemical substance that the human body can secrete, is also a neurostimulant. It can make people feel a sense of extreme excitement and make people feel more energetic, confident and courageous. Due to the effect of PEA, people’s breathing and heartbeat will speed up, the heartbeat will speed up, the palms of the hands will sweat, the face will become red, especially whether the pupils will be enlarged is the best criterion for judging true love or perfunctory.

People in love generally like each other. I love you, I will definitely take you around the world in the future or as long as you want, even the stars in the sky will be picked for you and so on. This really cannot be said to be a deliberate deception, because when making a promise, a person who is deeply in love will truly believe that he has this ability. The unprecedented expansion of self-confidence is one of the side effects of PEA. Another side effect is that it can cause prejudice and attachment, and lose the ability to think objectively. Believe that you have made the right choice and only see what you like. This is the case when the so-called lover sees Xi Tzu in the eyes.

Another important chemical that can produce love is dopamine, (also translated as “dupamine”, full name hydroxytyramine), this chemical is secreted by the human brain and can affect a person’s mood. Its official chemical name is 4-(2-aminoethyl)-1,2-benzenediol (4-(2-aminoethyl)benzene-1,2-diol). Swedish scientist Arvid Karlsson won the 2000 Nobel Prize in Medicine for identifying dopamine as a message transmitter in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a chemical used to help cells transmit impulses. This kind of brain endocrine is mainly responsible for the lust of the brain, and the feeling transmits information of excitement and happiness. It is also related to addiction.

Love is actually the result of related people and things that promote the production of large amounts of dopamine in the brain.

But unfortunately. It is impossible for these chemicals in the human body to stay at a high level forever. The human body has a strong self-regulation ability, and it always tries to adjust the body’s state to normal. Once these chemicals disappear. People also recover from the previous drunken state, or, as we often say, feel nothing for her. Depending on the individual and the environment, in general, the peak concentration of PEA can last for about 6 months to 4 years, with an average of less than 30 months (2.5 years). This is very close to the data obtained from the sociological survey. The duration of dopamine will be shorter, which leads to the feeling of movement of the center of intercourse between the sexes like a parabola with an opening downwards, from the starting point to a highest point, and thereafter it is a straight decline. What we usually call a person “changed” is actually a normal physiological phenomenon.

In short, phenylethylamine makes people fall in love, and dopamine sends a message of excitement and joy. Endorphins can make both lovers happy lasting. The posterior pituitary gland hormones are the key hormones that control love loyalty.

In the end, true love needs passion to start, but passion will eventually fade. After that, love needs to become rational, a responsibility, a kind of dedication, so that love can be sublimated into family affection. The greatest thing in the world is family affection. Become relatives to each other, let love act as a seasoning, then the two will eventually grow old. Many people always complain that after getting married, they lose the feeling they had when they fell in love. In fact, it is only when they are sublimated to family affection. People are always pursuing love in pursuit of freshness and excitement, but ignore that family affection is the end of love.

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