Who was the most ignorant American you have ever met?

First of all, I would like to say I have no problem about americans, I have many american friends and I think America is a great country.

I will introduce some facts, hope you guys don’t judge me.

  1. I don’t understand why there are some americans drink bleach to prevent themselves form Covid-19. Maybe Trump said bleach will work and then they just did what trump said..
  2. The American hot water challenge, actually this challenge is to boil hot water and pour it on the body. I seriously just do not get it.

  3. The YouTube website crashed for a while in 2018. An American netizen tweeted: “I called a few policemen to come home, but they did not help.”

    The US police responded: Please stop calling 911 because of the YouTube crash, and we donot know how to fix it.

  4.  Today there are still Americans arguing that the earth is flat, the vaccine is a the government‘s conspiracy.

    Of course these people are way too little, but I am just stating the truth, and I believe that there are always idiots in every country include China (where I come from).

    and I think this american uncle is really cool.

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