What is the brutal truth about life after marriage?

71% of men think that they must have children, but only 16% of men will choose to fight for custody of their children when they divorce.

There is a research data that really frustrates women.

In a divorced family, only one of the six men will choose the custody of the child.

But 71% of men will use all kinds of rhetoric to persuade their wives to give birth to children for themselves.

This is enough to tell us that children are really not the ropes women use to bind each other.

On the contrary, you children will become the fuse, the catalyst of conflict, and the most tragic victim of divorce.

So don’t give birth to the so-called love crystallization on impulse.

You have to see if you are really ready-not the preparation of two people raising children, but the financial preparation + mental preparation + time preparation + ability preparation of raising children alone.

If you are not prepared very well, then the long pain of raising a child for more than ten years will collapse you! It will even torture you and your children

And when you collapsed countless times, that man has disappeared for a long time, and no one faces it with you.

Marriage is always not perfect.

Actually,In addition to the Cheating, there are still many cancer cells in the marriage, which destroye you slowly.

If there is no Cheating, there are also serious marital illnesses such as domestic violence, cold violence or your problem or your husband’s problem(for instance: drinking alcohol problem, body overweight problem etc..).

The only difference between these problems is that the tcheating is an acute and sudden injury, while the others are long and silent injuries.

Chronic injuries will destroy a person more deeply, silently, and unstoppably.

Marriage has never been an easy task.

It requires two adults, with mature minds, rational minds, gentle gestures, and self-discipline habits, year after year.

Otherwise, your happiness is already shattered before dawn.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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