How do you get a girl to like you?

Chasing a girl you like, if you don’t use methods, she might will be cheated away by a scumbag and hurt. It is better for you to seize her in your hands directly with a scumbag’s methods, and then give her sincerity and loyalty, so as to prevent her from being hurt. Let her reap true love, these are great things.

Three elements: wealth, appearance and wisdom.

If you have one of them, then you can get a girl’s heart.

How to use tricks(wisdom or methods, whatever you call it) in getting a gril to like you?

Of course, we have to enhance our own soft value, which includes: face, clothing, social circles, and the display of lover characteristics.

So, how to show these soft values? My answer is you need to chat with her through social apps like whatsapp, facebook, etc.

If you don’t have money and you are not attractive, you want to chase gorgeous girls, you must constantly improve yourself so that your soft value reaches the same level as girls.

My suggestion is: If you don’t improve yourself, you can only chase girls of the level as you.

After learning the following contents, most of you will feel that it takes too much energy and too much time to make a presentation, and you want a relationship overnight.

But unfortunately, there is no quick way to get an attractive girl to like you overnight.

The first stage: show your image.

The second stage: collecting female resources.

The third stage: Upgrade the relationship through chatting.

The forth stage: Dating skills.

The fifth stage: private space operation.

The sixth stage: establish a relationship and become a real couple.

The following are practical skills:

The same goes for girls, they also like to chat with cute boys, especially on the Internet.

Apparence modification part: Find a celebrity or internet celebrity with a face and body similar to yours, learn his hairstyle and dressing style, do it yourself, just imitate his style, you don’t need to be the same, just imitate him for becomming more attractive.

My point is improve ouselves and learning, have our own style and vibe. You could learn from others.

Go workout if you have time, girls love muscles.

Pick a hairstyle and dressing style and outfit that suits you the best.

Post your life on Internet and be productive. You could post food, travel, work photos, pet photos, afternoon tea, painting exhibitions, etc.

After a period of posting, I feel like you have added a bunch of girls as cyber friends.

Then the third stage: CHATTING.

Find a topic that resonates with her emotions.

Of course, the girls around you have different personalities, different growth experiences, and even different ways of thinking, intelligence, etc. I will just list some chatting examples here:

For those good girls, the neighbor girls type, they actually don’t looks like what she said:” oh, no one cares about me, I am alone” In fact, she is not alone at all, you should stimulate her desire for freedom.

As for the independent girl who is going everywhere: for a girl, she dared to be a brave , indenpent girl since she was young, not caring about others’ eyes, not being suppressed by any social opinion, she lives for herself, she wants to do what she wants to A girl who is very free, who seeks freedom, what should you resonate with her? You resonate with her loneliness.

These are just chatting examples, be samrter, be humorous, be kind and gentle.

*Thanks for reading and your upvotes, follow me for the rest contents about dating skills and relationship advice.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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