What makes you feel angry?

My high school regulations:

1. The principal took his camera in the men’s tiolet to take a picture of smoking boys. The angry boys wanted to press the principal into the urinal. The principal arranged for a female teacher to take a camera in the women’s toilet to take a picture of smoking girls. My point is yes you can banned No Smoking in campus but pls don’t take pictures in tiolets, pls show students their privacy.

2. The teachers organized a class-by-class search, turning over desks, trash cans, dormitory cabinets, toiletries, student beds, and searching for cigarettes and mobile phones. This situation was alleviated by the fact that a student lost a few hundred dollars in the cabinet and called the police. the final decision is that the teachers can only look through students bags and cabinets when the students are there. wtf?

3. The principal held a meeting and said that it is an improper relationship between boys and girls that it is a premature love, and organized all teachers to take pictures of the school, and ask the parents when the pictures are taken.

4. Students are not allowed to close the door of the dormitory while sleeping, the windows are screwed down, and the windows are not allowed to be opened at any time. Shoes are not allowed to put under the bed, otherwise the shoes will be thrown into the trash can.

5.Students are not allowed to get a haircut, wash clothes and sheets outside the school. The principal arranged for his relatives to open a barber shop and laundry shop on campus, and then these places secretly sell cigarettes to students.

I just do not understand why would principal make such regulations…and we are all pissed.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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