What should I absolutely not do when visiting your country?

  • If you see two girls holding hands on the streets of China, it is probably because they have a good friendship with each other. Don’t regard them as lesbian.
  • Don’t tell your things to the old lady who lives in your neighbor easily, otherwise the aold ladiess in the whole community will know. And the final meaning is completely different, these old ladies like gossip.
  • Never talk about Chinese politics in China.
  • Never eat things randomly, especially Pitaya. If you eat too much Pitaya, you will definitely have diarrhea the next day.
  • Don’t be scared by the names of Chinese dishes. Such as Husband and wife lung tablets. Actually it just is a dish made from Beef and cow’s internal organs.
  • If you eat in China, the dishes are all delicious. Encourage you to eat more. but don’t ask people what you are eating.

If you are curious, it is best to eat the food first and then ask others what they ate.

A lot of food, if you know what kind of animal and what parts are made, it will really scare you.

It is impolite in China to be unable to eat or dare not eat.

  • Those who greet you on the road. Talking about learning English or something. . . Be careful. Only a few are sincere, you must be cautious, most of them will cheat you of your money.
  • If many Chinese want to take pictures with you, or take pictures of your children, don’t feel weird.

If you are not in a big city, many people have never seen foreigners in the countryside.

They are curious, just like you are so curious to see their world.

Just like people say “foreigners” or something, there is no malice. They are probably just curious or even excited. “foreigners is called LaoWai in China”

So be tolerant and patient.

  • Public displays of anger are frowned upon by the Chinese and are most uncomfortable for them to deal with — especially if the people getting angry are foreign tourists, for example. This goes right along with making someone (usually the Chinese host) lose face, which you should avoid at all costs. The Chinese place a premium on group harmony, so foreigners should try to swallow hard, be polite, and cope privately.
  • You may find yourself at a loss for words when you compliment a Chinese host on a wonderful meal, and you get in response, “No, no,the food was really horrible.” They expect you to say works like ” mama huhu(马马虎虎)” or ” Na li, Na li哪里哪里” whenever they tell you words like, “your Chinese is very good” while some will say, “your Chinese is very guda” (No, disrespect but just keeping it real).

These people aren’t being nasty…just humble and polite. A little less boasting and fewer self-congratulatory remarks go a long waytowards scoring cultural sensitivity points with the Chinese.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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